• When: 2018-02-20
  • QIC: Pinkman
  • The PAX: Collar, Eldrick, Wally, Gaston, Detour, Billy Bob, McNugget, Pinkman

Hammer Partner Block Party

8 pax emerged from the fog on this gloomy Tuesday morning.   Luckily no last minute changes occured but YHC still had to prep for back to back Qs.  Big props to RA last week for taking over in my absence.

Conditions : 60 and super foggy.

The Thang :

Warm Up:

SSH x 25 IC
Slow burpee (4 count ) x 5 Q FAIL
LBAC Slumdogs  x 20  F / B

The Isla Triangle:

Jog to Isla – 15 merkins IC
Run to Satchelford – 20 reverse crunches oyo
Run to Briarfeild – 20 squats oyo

Main Set:

Run to blocks – partner up.  As before YHC instructed the PAX this was a true partner workout.  1 block per group.  Each exercise would be done on one side and switch.  This set was done on the Isla Triangle.

10 walking lunges each leg
Jog to corner with blocks
20 curls at the corner, switch sides
Jog to corner, 20 overhead press switch sides
Jog to corner 10 uneven Merkins each side

Repeat Triangle

10 walking lunges switch, jog to corner
20 chest press switch, jog to corner
20 Bent over row switch, jog to corner
10 Uneven Merkins on block, switch


4 x .25 mile repeats, with 1 min rest.


Put up blocks


HC to workouts, still need some P200 runners if anyone is interested.


Great work by everyone,  the true partner workout is something different, and makes you think on every rep.  The intervals suck, but they make you faster.  Covered about 2.5 miles today.