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Frosty morning at BrickPile

22 dedicated PAX show up to get better at a frosty Brickpile this morning.

Weather: 30 and Frosty


50 4ct SSH

50 4ct Imperial Walkers

50 4ct LAC(25forward and 25 backward)

10 8 ct Body Builders

“on the hop” tm hustler   Mosey to corner of Daly and Milwood

The Thang

Indian run w/ rotating PAX dropping to do 10 merkins before rotating to front

Run to Corner of Daly and Murray and partner up

20 Decline Merkins

20 Iron cross

Indian run to corner of Murray and Adger and partner up.

20 Decline Merkins

20 Iron cross

Indian run to corner of Deveraux and Adger

20 Dips


Indian Run to corner of Milwood and Adger

Mosey to center of grass field / Pax divide into 4 groups

Each group runs to each station and returns to center of field to do 5 burpees. Plank until 6 arrives.  Repeat moving counter clockwise to each station until all 4 stations are complete.  1 full rotation for 4 stations.

1st station

20 Dips

20 Step Ups

20 Decline

5 Burpees

2nd station

20 Diamond Merkins

20 Super Man

20 Lunges

5 Burpees

3rd station

20 Wide Arm Merkins

20 LBC

20 Jump Squats

5 Burpees

4th station

20 Merkins

20 Big Boy

20 Squats

5 Burpees

“On the hop” tm hustler back to back parking lot

BOM Double Rub

Devotion – Two Buck (Make sure to stop and think about the wonderful blessings you have been given)


11/25/15  F3 at WISTV manning the phones for Famlies Helping Famlies

11/26/15 – Thanksgiving Day workout will be at Brickpile 6am & 7am.

11/27/15 – F3 Dads 10.00 at Brickpile. Be good examples for your 2.0s and bring them out

12/15/15 – F3 Christmas Party

Collecting money for Robber to help with coats for the OGM men. He will be attending Thanksgiving convergence on Thanksgiving as well.



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