• When: 2022-10-08
  • QIC: Fallout
  • The PAX: 

F3 Columbia 10-yr Ruck PreBlast!!

F3 Columbia 10-yr Ruck!
Your CSAUP before the 10-yr Convergence is here!! The ruck officially starts 0400 at Dreher High School, and will total to 9.2 miles, finishing with a little rest before the official anniversary beatdown.

For those of you too scared to be there at the 0400 start, you have options to jump on at 0500 and 0600 from Dreher.

The 0400 loop is 3.4 mi.

The 0500 loop is 3.3 mi.

The 0600 loop is 2.5 mi.

Come push yourself to do something completely stupid and utterly pointless with me on October 8th!!

Total route:

Total Ruck Route

0400 Loop (Daly-Butler-Glenwood-Stratford-Cambridge-Woodrow-Bratton-Shirley-Millwood)

Loop 1

0500 Loop (Adger-Tanaka-Linwood-Belmont-Kilbourne-Deveraux-Poinsettia-Cassina-Heathwood-Deveraux-Heathwood-Elizabeth-Devine)

Loop 2

0600 Loop (Bellwood-Devine-King-Duncan-Woodrow-Wheat-Chatham-Bellwood)

Loop 3

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