• When: 2019-11-24
  • The PAX: ALL PAX AND PUBLIC that are interested in having one heck of a Sunday afternoon.

Columbia’s Cold Brew Half Marathon 11.24.19

Have you ever been to #Coffeteria before the workout? Do you enjoy taking part in the 2nd F just as much or more than the 1st? Do you often get bored on a Sunday afternoon and find yourself looking for some fun?

Well, if you answered Yes, Maybe, or huh? to any of those questions boy do we have the event for you. The Inaugural Columbia Cold Brew Half Marathon. This is more of an event than a race. It is meant to be a fun afternoon of fellowship and fun with some exercise as a byproduct of the necessary means of transportation.


Meet at the Starbucks in Fivepoints around 12:15-12:30 for event instructions and to enjoy a Nitro Cold Brew(with or without sweet cream). Once the Nitros are down we will hit the road for the real fun. We will start the run at 1pm.  As you may have guessed from the event title this is a Half marathon(13.1 miles). You will start from SB and make your way to The Hanger for a cold pint. Once there order you your favorite tap and enjoy. After you have finished the suds you will get back on the road and wrap your way around to River Rat. Rinse and repeat on the fellowship and beverage. From there you will journey to pay respects to the fallen Conquest brewery( beer optional here). Run over to Swamp Cabbage and enjoy a pint there. Then you will make way over to Columbia Craft for a brew and conversation. After departing from there you will make your way down to the river and wind around to Steel Hands Brewery to the Columbia Cold Brew Half Marathon finish line. You are not done yet. Jog it on inside for a cold one! One that brew is down you have finished the first ever Columbia Cold Brew Half Marathon. Sit back enjoy the after party and wait to swap stories and lies with your F3 brothers and any one else that may join us(EH them if you can).

******Please plan to be dropped off to Starbucks and picked up from Steel Hands if possible. (We would love to have your  families waiting for a fun after party) or plan for an Uber.*******

****You do not have to drink to be a part of the event. We will have an unofficial category for those who may want to run and not drink or run and not drink all 5 of the brews(six if you count the coffee)*****

****Bring your ID and Credit Card (cash is just gonna get moist and no bartender wants your moist stank money)****


Course map: