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AO: Battle
Q: Ronda
PAX: Spot, Ward Bradley, Prodigal, Misfire, Billy Bob
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, through the tunnel, squats…..etc
-Started with a game of fetch using a tennis racquet and racquetball. One at a time, each PAX sprinted down field. They had to catch the ball off the first bounce or it was 5 burpees for everyone. Each PAX went 3 times. All other PAX did other exercises when it wasn’t their turn.
-Each PAX pushed a sled with 90 lbs 50 yards. We cycled through this twice.
-Around the outside of the football field, there were 6 points. PAX ran from the center of football field to one outside point, did an exercise, then back to the center for an exercise, then back out to the next point and so on. The outside point exercises were 20 jump squats and 20 plyo-merkins alternating at each point. The center was 5 burpees.
-Same as above, but changed the reps to 50 on the outside and 10 on the inside. The outside alternated between 50 LBCs and 50 shoulder exercises (dealers choice), the middle was 10 big boys.
MARY: Some abs, made sure to get to 200 merkins for merkin challenge.

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