• When: 05/11/2017
  • QIC: Lizard Man
  • The PAX: Bolt, Mr. Roper, Sully, Stats, Abby Wambach, Timber, Short Circuit, Wojo, Dufresne, Barry, Neon, Big Load, Sacajawea, Mayhem, Sandman, Fight Rick, Ratchet, Oval, Troop, Lizard Man (FNG)


Conditions:  ideal- 62 degrees clearGot a call on Monday to Q, I was excited and ready to go. I went to the F3 site wondering what to do, I saw many different exercises I wanted to try, but didn’t understand so I wrote down burpee, fireman carry, squat jumpers, 2 mile run, pull- ups, sit- ups, lunges, and monkey humpers in which I knew the group loves to do, then I realized I only had 45 mins to bring the pain. DisclaimerWarm-o-rama 

  1. Baby arm circle forward and backward ( in cadence 16)
  2. Jumping Jacks 20 (in cadence)
  3. Running in place 1 min
  4. Russian twist 25
  5. Flutter kick 15
  6. Crunches 15
  7. Squats 20

Grab two bricks and move to center. We circle up for main work outShoulder work out (with bricks)

  1. 10 overhead presses (20 second rest)
  2. 10 overhead presses, 10 side raises ( 20 second rest)
  3. 10 overhead presses, 10 side raises, 10 forward raises( 20 second rest)
  4. 10 side raises, 10 forward raise ( 20 second rest)
  5. 10 forward raises
  6. 50 double arm curls
  7. 10 overhead presses
  8. 20 forward raise (10 on each shoulder)
  9. 50 double arm curls

Mosey to Lyttleton and Chestnut Stop Light

  1. ¼ run around rectory square ( forward run to first corner, back pedal to second, forward run to next corner, back pedal to start line, ( 20 inclined merkins, 20 inclined big boys sit-up, 20 squats, 20 second
  2. ¼ run around rectory square ( back pedal first corner, forward sprint next, back pedal next corner and forward sprint to starting line, ( 20 merkins, 20 plank jacks,20 inclined sit-up
  3. ¼ around rectory square (group run the first half of rectory square sprint to start line.

 Back to warm up area for another round, (1 min workouts) 

  1. 1 min of merkins ( 20 second rest)

After the first 45 seconds and 50 pushup I looked around because I was feeling the burn and call out time, but it was not over we had 10 second  and three more rounds to go.

  1. 1 min of big boys sit-up ( 20 second rest)
  2. 1 min of jumping jacks (1 min rest)
  3. 1 min of flutter kick ( 30 second rest)

I looked around and ask for the time, three min to go someone yield.

  1. 15 flutter kick on your own to finish the work out.

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