• When: 2021-01-14
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Boo Boo, Collar, Duckie, Bindi, Zima, Stretch, Gaston, McNugget, Wally, FNG – Josh Griner (Focker), Misfire

Westside Story

Day got away from me so short back blast tonight.  11 for Hammer.  Pretty simple workout.  Warmup at COT.  1 mi run to Citadel Park with stops along the way.  Brief standoff with Swampfox.  No blood drawn.  Team building pull-up exercise.  1 mi run back to COT.

Conditions – 35 and almost dry, fairly pleasant

The Thang

Warmup at COT

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 LBCs
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 LBCs

1 mi run to Citadel Park – Down Forest, R on Trenholm, R on Converse

5 stops along the way for

  • 5 deep squats
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 Freddie Mercuries

Standoff with Swampfox at Citadel Park.  Knuckleheads…

Pull-up team building exercise

  • 11 PAX each doing 30 pull-ups for a total of 330 for the group
  • Line up, 1st PAX does 5, then 2nd does 5, etc until all 11 finished with round 1
  • Any time you are waiting, you are doing an AMRAP exercise
  • Back down the line for the next 5 rounds until everyone has their 30 and the group has 330
  • AMRAPs – big boys, LBCs, iron cross, Russian twists, squats, high plank, low plank, maybe others…

1 mi run back to COT – Down Converse, L onto Trenholm, L onto Forest

5 stops along the way for

  • 5 jump squats
  • 10 wide arm merkins
  • 15 LBCs



  • FNG – Male nurse = Gaylord Focker.  Done.


  • F3 Nation Nantan handoff this Sat
  • Cottonmouth in March, F3 Lake Murray pre-blast
  • Run with the Saints 5K 1.30.21, see Misfire
  • Covid vaccine help for over 70s, see Misfire


  • Leon’s surgery recovery
  • Parents and kids struggling with virtual schooling and disruptions/isolation/anxiety it is causing
  • Tarek’s grandfather passed away
  • Betamax’s Covid recovery and re-entry into the gloom

BOM Prayer

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