• When: 2019-07-08
  • QIC: Hoist
  • The PAX: Dunphy, Sonic, Pollo Loco, Cheers, Gold Bond, Heisenberg, Dominion, Soaker, Hemingway, Recall, Iron Mary, Wild Hog, Lego

The Pax flow downhill

In preparation for The Bounty last night, i read an article with this excerpt:

Running Uphill vs. Downhill Running

Running uphill works all the “back” muscles — the hamstrings, calves, glutes, hips and even the Achilles and small muscles around your ankles and feet. These muscles help propel us and stabilize us. Hill repeats help build the muscular power of the backside muscles, allowing us to run on virtually any surface.

Though our quads are worked during running uphill, downhill running recruits the quads to do almost all the work. It’s difficult to simulate the demands of downhill running without actually running down a hill, which is another reason hill training can be so beneficial to runners.

Running a rolling hill course or training route is preferable to some runners because running uphill rests the quads while downhill running gives our hamstrings, glutes, and calves a break.

My hamstrings stay constantly tight so I wanted to give the workout below a try for a change of pace

Conditions: 85 degrees and humid – like normal.

The thang:

Disclaimer, prayer, and mosey to Growler Hill.

The workout:  Warmup by running the parking lot at Lowes.  50% sprint down a row and mosey back the next row.   Karaoke, Frankensteins, High knees, lunges, and butt kicks to stretch out the legs afterwards.  Mosey to the top of Growler Hill.

10 rounds (The goal was 20.  That didn’t happen!)

  • Sprint down the hill
  • Mosey to the top
  • At the end of round 5 and round 10 backpedal up the hill

Mosey around the parking lot and to the Gym stairs on campus.  One round of stairs and mosey back to the shuttle flag.





  • Carolina Reaper in the upstate this weekend.

Blindside’s daughter Maggie and her surgery

I always know workouts look easy on paper.  Running downhill was fun for the first several rounds and then you realize sprinting is still sprinting.  We had a great group today.  Let’s keep up the good numbers!