• When: 2019-07-08
  • QIC: DriSoket
  • The PAX: Irrev, Canseco, Banjo, DriSoket

15min Lovin’

With the new AOQ taking his first week off of his duties he asked if I would make sure the SF got planted ITG this morning so YHC obliged and lead the PAX on an old faithful classic that YHC likes to do when I quick pace is in order here’s what went down…

Conditions  Plenty Humid but bearable

One Min Warning No FNGs COT and Prayer

2.8 miles 15.05 pace

COT countarama namearama


Stomp the swamp

half of goruck events

Prayer Request

Irrevs Friend

Banjos wife small medical procedure


It was good to get out and push the pace this morning finally starting to feel myself again from the Starcourse looking forward to getting back on the Q sheet on the regular and would love to have y’all out to join me and get better thanks to the men this morning for the push!!!