• When: 2021-03-25
  • QIC: Double Fault
  • The PAX: Dance Machine, Breaker Breaker, Double Dribble, Hopper, Rebar, Twister, Spackle, Weekend Special, Itch, Netflix, Shake&Bake, Nature Boy, Double Fault


YHC decided to get on the Q sheet for one last time before the knee is scoped. It may be a while until I am able to Q again. There was no place better than to lead the men of Graveyard. Today was a classic impromptu Q – making sure there was a good bit of running, planking and plenty of block work. Hope the pax got their money’s worth. 

:  59°F, Humidity 91%

The Thang:

OMW, Disclaimer, Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer

Roaming COP – aka Pain Train warmup lap while stopping to circle up at several places to perform the following exercises- plank position while waiting for the six.  Downstairs to football field, up to press box, to ramp down past baseball field and to track  

  • TTT
  • bird dog planks
  • IWs
  • Windmills
  • plank while reaching for stars (left/right)
  • Squats
  • LBCs
  • merkins

Up the ramp and to press box, grab a block, return to top of ramp

Block work (x10 IC)

  • Goblin squat
  • Iron Crosses with block
  • Curls 4 girls
  • Plank (bird dog)
  • run down ramp and back – plank for 6
  • Merkins (OYO)
  • tricep extensions
  • bent over rows
  • plank (reach for sky -l/r)
  • run down ramp and back plank for 6
  • chest press x20
  • thrusters
  • merkins (OYO)
  • plank
  • run down ramp and back plank for 6

Cusack carry to put up blocks and jailbreak to shovel flag

Mary – dealer’s choice 

  • LBCs (Spackle)
  • Ray Charles (Netflix)
  • Flutter kicks 
  • American Hammers (Twister)
  • iron crosses (Rebar)
  • box cutters (NatureBoy) – crowd pleaser



  • None


  • NoShow
  • Notebook

Closing prayer by YHC followed by Lord’s Prayer 



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