• When: 2021-09-21
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Frizzle, Iron Mary (R), Hoist, Slum Lord (R), Dangle (R), Cramps, Kenwood (R).

The Hollow gets started with 7-Elevens

YHC snagged the Q today expecting lots of rain.  As usual the rain paused during the workout and gave us a chance to loop the school while putting in some work.  7-Elevens was the theme for the day.  Frizzle got in solo miles.  Cramps squeezed a couple SL miles in and managed to avoid most mud puddles.

Weather – misty, humid, wet all around

1 minute warning, intro, disclaimer, prayer, no gloves needed

Follow me for a loop around the school stopping along the way for 7 sets of 11s.  There were 14 exercises numbered 1-14.  And at each stop we picked 2 random numbers/exercises for the set of 11s.  Here are the exercises chosen for each round…

Round Count Exercise
1 single Feet out, in, up, down
1 single Calf Raises
2 single Donkey Kicks
2 single SpiderMerkins
3 single HRR Merkins
3 single Bouncey Squats
4 2c Boat Canoe
4 single Raise the Roof while Squatted
5 4c Flutterkicks
5 2c Bobby Hurleys
6 single Monkey Humpers
6 2c LBCs
7 single Invisible Jump Ropes
7 2c Planked, L arm up, R arm up

We managed about 1.6 miles along the way and finished right on time.


  • October – Gauntlet 2021
  • Upcoming races – Inspector Mom, All 9s.
  • Run Hard, Cheech 10K, AO Challenge
  • Everyone EH one PAX that hasn’t posted in a while.
  • Fill up the Q sheet !!!


  • Covid
  • Marriages
  • PAX healing from cancer, injury
  • Country
  • Parking Lot’s daughter (covid)

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