• When: 2021-04-01
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Sheets, Kitty, Venti, Kilt, BillyBob, McLovin, Polo, Krusty

SwampFox Trial by Mile

The cold front sweeping through on Thursday morning prompted YHC to put together a workout that would keep us moving. So that’s what we did. We moved around constantly for 45 minutes. It was wild. You shoulda been there. If you were there, here’s a lovely reminiscence of our good times —

Conditions: 42 degrees and windy

The Thang

Opening COP

20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 LLS (lunge, lunge, squat = 1) oyo, 15 Merkins IC

150 Merkin Mile: 1 Mile Run w/ 5 stops at each turn, do 30 Merkins at each stop

Get Blocks, put them in the middle of the parking lot


1 Lap =

  • 5 Squat Thrusters
  • Run to one end of lot, do 10 lunges
  • Back to blocks in the middle, do 5 Thrusters
  • Run to other end of lot, do 10 HR Merkins, run back to blocks in the middle
  • 5 Squat Thrusters

Repeat x4

100 Rep Mile #crowdpleaser: 1 Mile Run w/ 5 stops at each turn, do 10 Squats & 10 Merkins at each stop

Ab Circuit 

Sky Crunches x20 oyo, Iron Cross x20, High Leg Slow Flutter Kicks 10 IC

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