• When: 2017-10-10
  • QIC: Voltron
  • The PAX: Chips, Thumbs Up(R), Halahuka, Punchlist, Rocking Chair(R), Redeye, No Help, Dr. Quinn, Strut, Paddles, Fracture, Clipboard, Training Wheels(R), and YHC Voltron.

No Help Send Off

Since today is No Help’s last day before surgery, we will call this the No Help send off workout. We are all looking forward to the No Help welcome back workout in the near future.

The Thang:

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer and Lord’s Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey through parking lot. High knees, regular, butt kicks, regular.

Mosey to helipad for COP.

Since Today is October 10, 2017, the exercise rep pattern is 10-10-17 – not based on fertilizer or a locker combination as some pax postulated.


Merkins X 10 IC


Windmill X 10 IC

Merkins X 10

Little baby arm circles – 17F and 17R IC

Merkins X 10 IC


Imperial Walkers X 17 IC

Merkins X 10 IC

10 Burpees on your own

Squats X 17 IC

Mosey to breezeway in front of the school and find a spot on the wall. Everyone performs wall sit while each pax does 5 squats in turn.

Bear crawl along breezeway to front door.

Everyone assume plank position while each pax does 5 merkins in turn.

Crab Walk rest of the way along the breezeway.

Mosey along sidewalk towards reaper hill.

Find a spot on the wall.


Incline merkins X 10 IC

Step-Ups X 10 Each leg on your own

Dips X 17 IC


Reaper Hill

Partner up.

Partner 1 runs to first set of lights. 10 Merkins. Run back up hill.

Partner 2 does LBC’s until Partner 1 returns. Swap.

Rinse & repeat running backward up the hill.

Changed to 10 Burpees and BBSU. Rinse and repeat doing merkins at lights instead of burpees.


Mosey back to shovel flag.

Russian Twist X 10 IC

Flutter kicks X 32 IC for No Help. Add 6 more IC to remember Cheech.




-10/10 Rocky Creek launch
-10/14: Abundant Life 5K at Saluda Shoals
-10/16: Stayed tuned for launch of speedwork at LHS
-10/28: Go Leo Go 5K w/ Speed For Need
-11/11: John Flanagan Memorial 10K
-12/15: F3/FiA Christmas Party
-1/27: GrowRuck weekend


Prayer Requests

Chips’ mom

No Help undergoing surgery tomorrow

No Help’s cousin fighting cancer


 BOM for No Help

In lieu of a traditional devo, we put No Help in the middle of our ball of man and all laid hands on him, each praying for him in turn.