• When: 2017-10-10
  • QIC: Wee Wee & Escobar
  • The PAX: Juice, Meter, Squatter, Kenwood, Grave Digger, Bambi, Shake-n-Bake, Sawdust, JJ, Scotch, Stalker, Ken Doll, Brick, Honey Boo Boo, Katness, Long Haul, Keychain, Paper Jam, Dunphy, Meatball, Pole Dance, Nail Pop, Itchy (R), Iron Mary, Field Goal, Joust, Chuckwagon, Miranda, Glow Worm, Ravens, Cramps, Soccer Mom, Lt. Dan, Net Zero, Inspector Mom, Julep, Slum Lord, Tribe, Villa, Pow Pow, Brita, Postal, Hoist, Brainiac, Wee Wee, Escobar, Welcome FNG's - Package, Rec, Drysdale, and Wax Ring

Rocky Creek AO Launch Party

46 PAX and 4 FNGs gathered this morning at the latest Lexington AO at Rocky Creek Elementary School.  For several weeks, Wee Wee and myself have been discussing this day and how it could go, what we should do, how do we get the word out, what kind of workouts can we do at the school and what should the name be.  These are all important items of any AO location; however, today I think we learned that the most important part of the AO and the workout are the PAX themselves and the 4 FNG’s that showed up today.  For me and I know for Wee Wee as well, it was great to see all the guys show up from all the different AO’s just showing support for this new AO.  We’re looking forward to big things with this group and to continue what was started before us.  So with that, we’ll get to the beatdown that had so many guys rolling on the ground in pain, well maybe just two – Grave Digger and Meatball.

Conditions:  Nice and Muggy

The Thang:

One Minute Warning

Welcome to the latest AO of F3 Lexington #RedOctober at Rocky Creek Elementary School, intro to Wee Wee and Escobar, checked to see if any FNG’s – there was one but we’ll find out later that there were actually 4 FNG’s, Disclaimer that neither myself or Wee Wee are professionals

BOM & Prayer and we counted off – 45/46 and then we still had a few cars coming in so say 50…we then mosey to the grassed traffic circle and the legend of the AO begins…


SSH x 50 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Count off into groups 1 and 2…group 1 started with Wee Wee, group 2 started with Escobar and then switched about halfway through the workout.  The Wee Wee and Escobar Q’s are below:

Wee Wee Q:

Burpee Bearcrawl suicides on the basketball court.

5 Burpees at each line (foul line, mid-court, foul line, and end line)

Plank for the six

Karaoke down and back the full length of the basketball court

Lunge to mid-court line and back

Plank walk sideways to the mid-court and back

25 dips OYO on the black edging around the playground

10 incline merkins OYO on the black edging around the playground

Escobar Q:

Line up at light pole and see three light poles along the bus loop…we’ll go out three poles and then come back three poles…we will do six exercises repeated with six reps at each pole and sprints between the poles.  The series was repeated as many times as we could inside the allotted time.  Flutter kicks while waiting on the six each each series.  The exercises were…

Hand Release Merkins

Heel Touch Jump Squats

Plank Jacks



As the time to RECOVER was called, the PAX and FNG’s moseyed back to the parking lot.

COT and the naming of the 4 FNG’s

Piero Barron > Lexington 6 yrs > married with two kids > 13 years in Marine Corps > works at Amazon – “Package”, not “Small Package”, just “Package”

Jeff Metz > wife does the women version of F3 > works for City of Aiken Parks & Rec > Clemson grad > deer hunt > manage all the Parks – “Rec”

Marvin Robinson > Citadel > Wells Fargo, no “Bailout” – but “Drysdale”

Tim > wife in Fia > does home inspections – “Wax Ring”

Prayer Requests

-Shake-n-Bake & No Help surgeries upcoming (not F3 related injuries)

-Cramps Mom

-Pow Pow cousin Sheila

-Villa, health and healed marriages

Wee Wee closed us out in prayer and then we took a picture.


-10/14: Abundant Life 5K at Saluda Shoals
-10/16: Stayed tuned for launch of speedwork at LHS
-10/28: Go Leo Go 5K w/ Speed For Need
-11/11: John Flanagan Memorial 10K
-12/15: F3/FiA Christmas Party
-1/27: GrowRuck weekend