• When: 2017-10-10
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Greenbow(R), Nibbles, Floppy Disc, Recall, Forrest, Notebook, Tiger Blood, Putt Putt, Bull Pen, Bailout, Pawn Star, Fast Casual, Spaghetti O's, Quest, Fuzzy Navel, Wayward Son, Chedda, Pennyworth, FNG-Houdini, Mac

AO warming gift

The gloom was quite warm
and muggy I say.
The night’s brainstorm
ready for the day.

A brand new AO
for my menu of fun.
A fresh set of Pax
well at least some.

An outcast from Shank
was ready with chatter.
His counting stank
but it didn’t matter.

The warmup’s the same
as last time they say.
I have no shame
hommie don’t play.

Here is one more
I think it is good
to build up your core
with Morning Wood!

“Those are just dumb!”
the Cheeseman claims.
But I won’t succumb
to negative refrains

I move on to merkinators
to the Pax chagrin
now even more haters
start to chime in

We mosey around front
to a new piece of grass
I had to be blunt
start moving your….sixes!

Lining up the Pax
along a tree line
I call for out and backs
a favorite of mine.

“Why does he force me
to use only one leg?
A bear crawl and burpee
weren’t designed this way!”

The Pax were fed up
beginning to stew
but I wouldn’t let up
until there’s a coup.

To the bus loop we go
now I’m pressing my luck
but I had to throw
in a U Bearly Suck!

Crawling and sweating
and all burpeed out.
The Pax were debating
throwing me out.

Ten minutes remaining
I call out to them.
“It’s time to start training
our abs for our M.”

Hydraulics and LBCs,
a dozen or more
some Freddy Mercurys
it’s all for our core!

finishing flutter kicks
past twenty and thirty
finally off our six
all sweaty and dirty

racing back to the flag
running with glee.
The Pax start to brag
“That was easy for me!”