• When: 2018-07-24
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Man Bun, Moist, Mercy Rule, Muggy Tape, Navy Bean (Respect), Trickle

Move quick, move with a purpose.

Fresh off of vacation, YHC found himself in the position of being called out of the bullpen to help Q with our brother Dri-Soket being on IR. With little time to plan coupled with training for a GoRuck Tough, the decision was easy. Let’s put on the rucks (optional, of course) and get a healthy dose of Good Livin’. Here’s what had happened.

*** Conditions: 71 degrees, 100% humidity, and foggy. Translation: Gloomy

*** Prayer/Disclaimer/Announcement that we will be moving quickly for 45 min

*** Slowsy to Practice field. Circle up

*** COP



IW X 10 IC

Each pax was to get a block, set in one end zone, get a pair of bricks and quickly set them in the opposite end zone. Partner up.

  • In end zone with block, everyone does 25 squats, and 25 kettle bell swings
  • With partner, flip tire to mid-field. Sprint to opposite end zone.
  • Once in end zone, 50 curls for the girls and 50 triceps extensions with bricks.
  • Sprint back to tires at midfield. Upon reaching tires. 30 sit down/stand-ups, and 15 lunges (one foot on tire) each leg.
  • Flip tires back to end zone.
  • Pick up blocks. Carry to far end zone.
  • 50 reverse curls and 50 shoulder presses with bricks.
  • OHC blocks back to first end zone. Put blocks up.
  • Sprint to far end zone. Grab bricks.
  • Lunge end zone to end zone with bricks doing curls for the girls. Put bricks up.
  • Put tires up and head to shovel flag.
  • Grab shovel flag and jog to front of the stadium. Plant SF for Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Mosey back to parking lot with SF.


Announcements: Sweet Baby O – 5K, Homeless Vets BC after Shawshank BC next Saturday, Stomp the Swam – 5K, Blue Ridge Relay.

Prayer Requests: JJ, Trickle, Dri-Soket – all dealing with injuries. Marriages, our nation.

Moleskin: YHC mentioned it during COT this morning, but it bears repeating. I want to thank the pax for coming out this morning. It has happened to all of us at some point,  you wake up feeling like hot garbage with nothing in the tank. That was me this morning. Had I not had the Q, the temptation to get back in bed would have been great. However, I knew that several men had given the HC, “Hard Commit”. Think about that for a minute. You put it out there, you posted “HC”. Your word. When I gave Dri-Soket my word that I would take his Q for him, that’s all I had was my word. I didn’t say, yeah I’ll do it as long as I feel up to it. I just said I would do it. You men said you would be there. Guys, when I got there, my tank was empty. I felt like I had nothing. Muggy Tape was my partner, and he pushed me. Man Bun has bought into this thing and is killing it. Mercy Rule has transformed into a Beast, Navy Bean is the Million Dollar Man (he’s ageless, no injury keeps him down), Moist makes me want to work harder just by being there. Trickle is a few weeks removed from Hernia surgery and he got out there to walk and be with the guys and offered encouragement. You men are why I post. I appreciate each of you. Solid work this morning, men.