• When: 2022-05-12
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Flea, MicroBrew, Brainiac, Bunkbed, PETA, Ralphie, Finch, Emmy, Deadstick(Rx2),Katniss(R)

I Brought Flowers

Conditions 58 degrees




Warm up :

TTT 4ct IC
Worlds greatest stretch 4ct 10 L/R
LBACs 4ct 10 F/R
Imp walkers 4ct 10
Toy soldiers 4ct IC

The thang,

Grab a block

I thought the pax would like Flowers so I gave them Flowers by Moby. You know the one ,several minutes of lyrics which require pax to switch between high and low plank holds without collapsing.

After that we headed straight into….

“Perfect” form planks and Z presses with block as long as you can stand it

1. High plank hands on block 1 minute

Z presses x 10

2. High plank feet on block 1 min

Z presses x 10

3. Rev plank feet on block 1 minute

Z presses x 10

4. R side plank feet on block 30 secs
L side 30 sec

Z presses x 10

5. On block L leg plank 30 sec / R 30 sec

Z presses x 10

Take a track lap let the shoulders rest

6. Staggered plank R hand on block 30 then L 30 sec

Z presses x 10

7. Low plank feet on block 1 minute

Z presses x 10

8. Hydraulics on / off block 1 minute

Z presses x 10

9. Low plank no block 1 minute

Z presses x 10

10. L arm R leg out 30 sec / R arm L leg out 30 sec

Z presses x 10

Out of time
Return blocks and hustle up the big boy stairs and back to flag


Count o rama and name o rama 


Trash pick up  21st 

Lexington safe run sign ups


Harp family members health 

Blah Blahs son

Katniss Moms health 

Unspoken requests 

Great work men !


Brainiac shares these daily.  Give them a click for good daily scripture passages. 

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