• When: 2021-04-01
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Swayze, Urkel, Wilson, Belding, Hollywood(R), Nub

Dooty calls

April 1st, just another wonderful day in the Smokehouse gloom but this day is the last BC before the bunny comes hopping into town on Sunday, so YHC decided to hop around a bit this morning to get some blood flowing (among other things flowing).  An ode to the bunny or the hop, or Swayzes “running shorts” (no not really that)


Lets start the mosey, around back of gym and up the side to the top of the sidewalk stopping once to do 10 Squats IC, mosey on around towards front entrance stopping at the flagpole and did Jump Squats x 10 IC (or something like that), mosey across towards the bus parking lot and at the first light pole Stationary Bunny Hops for 1 min then lunged to the next pole, moseyed to the next one then reverse lunged to the last one.  We have now reach the top o campus, one of my favorite places, top of the hill, under the lights so the passerbyers can see.  Cones were placed approx 20 yds apart and we made use of the leftover cinder blocks from the house building project.  Line up at first cone w/block of pax choosing.  20 Jump Squats OYO then Murder Bunny to far cone, then 20 Bobby Hurleys then back again and rinse and repeat until YHC called for recover.  2nd round consisted of 10 OH Presses, then Cusak to other cones, then Tricep extensions then Cusak back, rinse and repeat until recover was called. 3rd round was one time down and back of each of the rounds above and then recover on your six.  On yo Six exercises consisted of LBC’s IC, Gas Pumpers IC (thats where the “trouble” begins) and finally Heel Taps IC. Time was running out but not fast enough…YHC directed everyone back to the flag while YHC tried to figure out if the old saying about bears (or people) shatting in the woods was true.  The attending pax know the answer and YHC does too.  Once back at flag (clothing optional). Time called.  

Count/Names/Closing prayer (lots this morning throughout our local F3 world and a couple close to home too)



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