• When: 2019-08-01
  • The PAX: Cheers, Buzz Saw, Ram Rod, Uniballer, Coon Dog, Soaker, Man Bun, 5 Play, Lego, Which Wire

A Simple Deck of Cards


WEATHER:  Humidity made workout twice as hard.  So we had that going for us.


Mosey over to sheds by the volleyball courts where the pax find a deck of cards

The number on the card represents the rep count.  Face cards and Aces are worth 10.

The suit represents the exercise.

Clubs = merkins

Spades = Chin Ups

Hearts = Squats

Diamonds = Box Jumps

Jokers = 10 Burpees

Total = 94 Chin – Ups, 94 Merkins, 94 Squats, 94 Box Jumps, and 20 Burpees.

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Name ‘O Rama:

Danny Birdsong ->> Military ->> bomb guy ->> Dirty bomb > Acme > Blue Wire >>>>Which Wire?

Prayers:  Blindside paid the Shank boys a visit as we were getting ready to pray it up.  Got an update on Maggie.  It looks like she is making a full recovery from surgery and even better the surgery was a huge success.  And Blindside has a God given peacefulness that truly delivered him to a better place.  Praise God.