• When: 06/27/2015
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: CandyStripe, Swanson, Quest, Doubtfire, Pearl, Granola

Well balanced start to the day with Granola

6 hungry pax joined one another for a little bit of singing, a little bit of variety, and a little bit of a Granola workout. (hungry to work and encourage one another through the workout)

Conditions: 77 overcast, 85% humidity, brief sprinkles…or maybe that was #Questsweattingitout

Disclaimer and prayer

The Thaing:

20 burpees OYO

Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down – Squats

Mosey down the cinder block pile

20 burpees OYO

Grab a block and head to the track – One lap around the track as a group with blocks held over head with stops along the way: Stop 1-20 squats IC, Stop 2-20 block curls IC, Stop 3-15 squats IC, Stop 4-15 curls IC. Oh, look! We are at the steps. Of course we did calf raises X 3 ways, each 20 IC. Stop 5-10 squats IC, Stop 6-10 curls IC. Put the block away.

Mosey around to the bus loop on the far side of the school.

30 IC: SSH, Flutter Kick, Plank-Shoulder Taps

25 IC: IW, Dying Cockroach, Peter Parker

20 IC: Smurf Jacks, Russian Twist, Plank-Hip Taps

15 IC: Hillbillys, Freddie Mercury, Parker Peter

10 IC: Plank Jacks, Hello Dolly, Mtn Climbers

5 IC: Jump Squats, Boat/Canoe, Hydrolics

Mosey back around to the parking lot. Burpee OYO until the 6 arrives.

Walker Strong: 2 minutes IW, with all out for the last 30 seconds.

COT: Cout-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Prayer Requests:

Praise: Walker headed home. Request: comfort for widow and family of George Johnson. A strongly faithful man that passed away last week after a very aggressive bout with cancer. George has touched many many lives in Christ’s name.

Devo: Our Daily Bread from 6/27: Acts 8:35 Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him.

Yes, Jesus died on the cross for us….but, the power of that truth is in the fact that he also conquered death and rose from the grave. THAT power over death is the miracle and ‘the rest of the story’. Be bold and speak the truth of this history, in its completeness.

Announcements….nothing new…see recent back blasts.

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