• When: 2018-03-20
  • QIC: TriDelta
  • The PAX: Honeybun (Respect) , 6 foot under, Hoboken, Emmy, TriDelta, Finch, Siskel (Respect)

We Celebrate with steps at the SnakePit

321 Q

Honeybun (Respect) , 6 foot under, Hoboken, Emmy, TriDelta, Finch, Siskel (Respect)

The Pax wondered if this would be a leg friendly workout with the P200 rapidly approaching. No Stride Lite this morning because of the monsoon that stopped before our workout.

Weather: 60 and wet

Disclaimer, discussion of meaning of 321 for TriDelta


Mosey toward the bb stairs. 21 seconds wall sit, 3 burpees, repeat 3 times

Down bb stairs, grab bricks or blocks. Head to the semi circle.

SSH x 21 IC


TTT x21 IC


IW x21 IC



LBAC (f) x 7

LBAC ® x 7

OAC x7

7 burpees OYO

Squats x21 OYO

7 burpees OYO

BBSU x21

7 burpees OYO

Mosey to the bottom of BBS with bricks or blocks

Up and Down 21 curls for the girls

Up and Down 21 Overhead Press

Up and Down 21 Tricep extensions


Mosey to Track w/out bricks or blocks

100 yard sprint and back 21 Mountain Climbers (21 each leg)

100 yard sprint and back 21 American Hammers (2 count)

100 yard sprint and back 21 LBC’s


Mosey to bleachers w/out bricks

Up one side around and down the other 21 Lunges

“                      “                                     21 Monkey humpers

Ran out of time-  21 Squats

Put up Bricks

Mosey to flag



Mud Run

F3 5K


Prayer Requests:

Hoboken’s Father

Farmer’s Father

Florida Bridge collapse victims

Safety of P200 runners, drivers and volunteers



. Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.


I just want to thank the Pax in helping me celebrate the lives of those with Down Syndrome. God has given the men of Snake Pit some challenges and we know that He created each person purposely with his own hands. I (we) am thankful that there is a day where others can look at those who are different and accept and include them. The men here at SnakePit have become very close over the years and that has not changed with new men becoming regulars as others have moved on to open new AO’s or to different jobs away from us. These men understand the true meanings of friendship and that f3 is more than just a workout.