• When: 2019-12-30
  • QIC: Voltron
  • The PAX: Simon Says, Spackle(R), Nature Boy(R), Night School, Itchy(R), Franco, Shake & Bake, Booster, Quisenberry, Tater, Pick Axe, Wapner

Wapner Sets New Crusade Speed Record

Weather: 68 Degrees – Humid – managed to dodge the overnight rain for an hour

The Thang:            

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer

On Mondays the Crusade pax are known for heading towards the dam, and since this was the final run for 2019 we headed to the dam and back.

Crusade needs Q’s for January 2020!

Spackle failed to provide us with any New Year’s resolutions…..

Wapner made some claim about running 38 miles an hour with the 35 mile an hour wind at his back. After checking the replay cameras nothing could be confirmed – the 35 mile an hour wind or Wapner running 38 miles an hour, but he was out there getting better. Fortunately he is a lawyer and not an accountant.

And that probably was a fumble and should have been an Ohio State touchdown…… but OSU gave up a 94-yard drive with three minutes left and had the ball on the 23 yard line with 46 seconds left before throwing it away, so…….


Prayer Requests

Wapner’s family – several recent deaths in the family

Booster – mentioned family from church that tried to adopt baby from China but baby passed away

Unspokens –


  • 7AM Wed 1/1/2020 F3 Lex Convergence at Lex High School
  • Christmas Party December 2020


  • Phil 4:8 – 4:13 Learning to be content in all circumstances, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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