• When: 2019-03-28
  • QIC: AB
  • The PAX: Pondo, Part Time, Tuff Guy, Whittle (and Inuit!)

#TheHerd fills out their Sweet 16 bracket

5 pax gathered ‘round the shovel flag at Jumanji this morning to workout and fill out the 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Sweet 16 bracket.


Mosey to canteen

The Thang:
Windmills x 16
Imperial Walkers x 16
Slow-mo squats x 16
Thru the Tunnel x 16
Lil’ Baby Arm Circles x 16
Reverse crunches x 16
Flutter kicks x 16

Form teams by counting off in 1’ and 2’s

Reveal Sweet 16 Bracket

Team 1 vs. Team 2
Flip coin on each game to establish who will represent each team
Heads = Team 1 represents higher seed
Tails = Team 1 represents lower seed
First team to have all pax back to start in plank position wins.

Sweet 16: (8 games)
16 Squats
8 ‘Mercans
4 Crunches
Lap around canteen
All pax planking
Teams advancing: Duke, LSU, Florida State, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Auburn and Kentucky

Elite 8:
8 Dips
4 Turkish getups
2 Burpees
Lap around canteen
All pax planking
Teams advancing: Duke, Florida State, Tennessee and Kentucky

Final Four:
4 8-count Man Makers
2 Big Boy sit-ups
Lap around canteen
All pax planking
Teams advancing: Florida State and Tennessee

Championship Game:
32 SSH
16 Squats
8 Dips
4 ‘Mercans
2 Turkish getups
1 8-count Man Maker
1 Burpee
Lap around canteen
All pax planking
National Champions: Tennessee

Mosey back to SF

Hello Dolly x 16

Inuit pulls up on 2 wheels after Q-ing at Detention

Hillbillies x 16



Moleskin: Good times as always with The Herd! Strong effort by all pax as each “game” was a race for your “team” to win. After the coin flip yielded heads the first FIVE flips, YHC thought a higher toss was what it would take to get it to land on tails. Unfortunately the toss was too high / off target and the coin landed on top of the canteen roof! Unwilling to allow this minor detail to unhitch the workout, the Qrusader In Charge instructed two pax to hoist him up in the air and he successfully retrieved the coin from the roof. The quarter must’ve got the memo and then began landing on both heads and tails after this snafu.

Great having Pondo join us as always. T-claps to Inuit for joining the pax for the final 60 seconds of the workout after Q-ing at Detention this AM.

Announcements: Stampede tomorrow. Guest Q at Jumanji on Saturday.

Prayer requests: Tuff Guy’s friend whose son took his life.