• When: 2018-07-19
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Irrev, Meatball, Fuzzy Navel, Wayward Son, Double Deuce, Wild Hog, Gravedigger, All 9's, Cramps, Scotch, Stalker, Ranger (R), Honey Boo Boo, Slumlord (R), Iron Mary, Kenwood.

The Hollow revisit’s Kenwood’s first Q for his 3rd F3 bday

Well Q # 2 of 3 for the week is in the books recognizing my 3 years of F3.  The Hollow was the 3rd AO I visited where I settled in and called home.  Back then it took a little while to find since The Hollow was relatively new and wasn’t on the f3nation map yet.  But I saw it on the list, went to visit, and the rest is history.  Later on Gravedigger encouraged me to Q, and it took a couple “encouragements”, but I finally got my VQ behind me.  It wasn’t the prettiest (the cadence, etc.) but it worked.  So this morning I recycled this workout at The Hollow.

We had 5 for StrideLite and took the road less travelled.  Basically Olde Farm, to Shadowbrooke, taking Burma Road to the end and u-turning at the stop sign (Calks Ferry Road). A couple of us thought we made it to either Gilbert or Aiken County.  All 9’s was super happy he was wearing his new shoes down a semi-muddy dirt road.

The weather was muggy.  Well super muggy.  A slight breeze, at times.

1 minute warning, intro, disclaimer (had to since the Nantan was present), no FNGs, prayer, mosey around the parking lot for a quick warmup…

  • 12 x SSHs IC
  • 12 x Air Squats IC
  • 12 x TTTs IC

Thirty-six total for my 36 months of F3.  Mosey towards the gym breezeway doing some butt kicks and high knees along the way.  Get to the breezeway for the circuit workout…

As many laps as you could do starting at the lower end of the breezeway (cone 1) going up to the upper end (cone 5) and back down.  Each lap you increased the inside reps based on the lap you were on…

  • Cone 1 – always do 3 BURPEES (start, finish, always 3)
  • Cone 2 – do “lap x 2” STANDING LUNGES on each leg (aka, two count)
  • Cone 3 – do “lap x 2” PVC MERKINS on each hand (aka, two count)
  • Cone 4 – do “lap x 2” BIG BOY SITUPS
  • Cone 5 – always do 3 BURPEES and turn around

Of course we had 2 50# sandbags in play.  If you got to the end and a sandbag was there you do your burpees, take the sandbag, fast forward trough the inner cones, drop the sandbag at the other end, do your burpees, and get back to the circuit.  Don’t overdo the sandbag carrying.  WOMG-FM was available the inner cones for your listening pleasure.

Here are the total reps depending on how many laps you got it and how many times you got the sandbag…

  • 1 lap – 9 burpees, 4 lunges each leg, 8 total pvc merkins, 4 bbsu’s
  • 2 laps – 15 burpees, 12 lunges each leg, 24 total pvc merkins, 12 bbsu’s
  • 3 laps – 21 burpees, 24 lunges each leg, 48 total pvc merkins, 24 bbsu’s
  • 4 laps – 27 burpees, 40 lunges each leg, 80 total pvc merkins, 40 bbsu’s
  • 5 laps – 33 burpees, 60 lunges each leg, 120 total pvc merkins, 60 bbsu’s
  • 6 laps – 39 burpees, 84 lunges each leg, 168 total pvc merkins, 84 bbsu’s
  • 7 laps – 45 burpees, 112 lunges each leg, 224 total pvc merkins, 112 bbsu’s
  • 8 laps – 51 burpees, 144 lunges each leg, 288 total pvc merkins, 144 bbsu’s

With a little time to spare, the circuit was stopped so we could collect everything.  We moseyed and stopped just shy of the shovel flag for some…

  • Circle up facing in, OVERHEAD PRESS the sandbag 10 x and pass it to the left.  I rep per pax.
  • 12 x EGG ROLLs OYO
  • Circle up facing out, pass the sand bag to your right, I think everyone touched a sandbag 4 times.

Finish up at the shovel flag for the count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, prayer.


  • 7/19 @ 8:00 pm – Thirty Thursday at Krafty Draft
  • 7/28: F3 Kayak Trip
  • 8/4: Sweet Baby O 5K. Register here: https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-owen.php
  • 8/25: Stomp the Swamp. Register here: https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-swamp.php
  • 9/7-9/8: Blue Ridge Relay


  • Robber
  • PAX healing from injury
  • Unspoken