• When: 06/23/15
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Field Goal, Coon Dog, Knozit, Pew, Misty, Clippers, Malfunction Junction, Elmers, Dunphy, Bing, Notebook, Scotch, Lego, Ponzi

The Ghost of Bernie Madoff

(Written by Ponzi)

A Ponzi Scheme must by it’s very nature fail. The ghost of Mr. Madoff convinced me last night this was the thing to do, to show the pax how quickly we could increase our reps with minimal work. Well, as with all Ponzi Schemes, it was just smoke and mirrors and turned out you always have to put in the work if you want to get better. There is not a get fit quick scheme that works, not even 7 minute abs.

Conditions: 75 and clear

Disclaimer & Prayer

Start off by crossing Bear Crawl bridge and circle up.

Round 1:

8 Merkins

8 Burpees

16 Monkee Humpers

16 4ct Flutter Kicks

16 Squats

Round 2:

16 Merkins

16 Burpees

32 Monkee Humpers

32 4ct Flutter Kicks

32 Squats

Mosey to the log pile and pair up

Round 1:

16 Shoulder-to-shoulder

16 Overhead Squats

Round 2:

32 Shoulder-to-shoulder

32 Overhead Squats


Elephant Carry (straddle log and carry it) to midfield.

Lunge walk with log across rest of field.

Hill work:

4 jump squat, bear crawl up hill, 8 flutter kicks, crabwalk down hill

16 jump squat, bear crawl up hill, 32 flutter kicks, crabwalk down hill

somewhere we got off and ended with 32 extra jump squats

Here is when the scheme completely unraveled and we abandoned the hill. YHC could not take his on Q any more.

Carry the log back to its home, then go get bricks and circle up again.

We did some Merkins, 32 overhead presses, 32 4ct flutter kicks, 32 rows.

Somewhere around here the #mumblechatter really picked up. Seems there is some confusion as to what in cadence means, and how it should be applied to merkins. I believe there was some fun being poked at YHC, but I couldn’t hear it as my brain had abandoned unnecessary functions, like hearing.

Return bricks

Bear crawl back across bridge

Get back in teams. One man runs to the speed bump, other does a wall squat.

Members switch, then back to the shed.

Dunphy broke out some ice climbers (?) for the final three minutes. YHC was slightly incoherent.

VQ done!



Pray for Walker and family

Pray for Mayhem to recover quickly

Pray for Charleston families

Personal note: It is an honor to be a part of F3. 3 months ago I was sitting on the couch trying real hard to ignore this thing. I needed this, and I needed it more than I realized. Thank you all for coming out this morning for my VQ, even if it was a little shaky.

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