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The Block Countdown visits the Hollow…..

Signing up to Q at the Hollow is not for the faint of heart, thin skinned, or unprepared type. You better bring your A game, be ready to weather mumble chatter, and have a Q planned to push these beasts. Oh, it’s also a good idea to show up if you HC. Before YHC gets down to the business of this morning’s sweat factory, allow me to pause and offer some T-Claps to the men of The Hollow who represented at the Reaper this past weekend. Solid showing fellas, as always.

***Conditions: 77 and muggy

*** 1 Minute Warning

*** Disclaimer & Prayer

Mosey to Courtyard, Circle Up

Various stretches to loosen up as a courtesy to the pax that did the Reaper



IW X 10 IC


Grab a block and mosey to Soccer Field. Spread out across goal line. Prepare for a block countdown. We will start with 100 Reps, Followed by 10 burpees. Sprint to other end zone, and back. Next exercise is 90 reps, 9 burpess, etc.

100 Chest presses with block, 10 burpees

90 Curls for the Girls, 9 burpees

80 (40 lunges each leg), 8 burpees

70 Bent over Rows, 7 burpees

60 Block Squats, 6 burpees

50 Shoulder presses, 5 burpees

40 Big Boy Sit-ups, 4 burpees

30, Tricep Extensions, 3 burpees

20 Kettle bell swings, 2 burpees

10 Merkins, 1 burpee


This Saturday 7/20 Kenwood is doing the Spartan Games. Lower practice field. Take service road behind high school. Lower practice field is below the stadium.

Stomp the Swamp and Jailbreak are both 8/24 – Sign up and do one!

*** Prayer Requests

Maggie, Blindside, and Volley Capps – Maggie recovering from Brain surgery for seizures.

Wright Family – From Lexington. Their year and a half old daughter is dealing with same issues as Maggie Capps and is at the same hospital undergoing treatment.

*** COT/Prayer/BOM


2 Corinthians 6:3 ” We put no stumbling block in anyone’s path, so that our ministry will not be discredited”.

YHC mentioned to the Pax that sometimes when I look at myself, I think I’m pretty good with the First F of F3, really good at the 2nd F, but where do I stand on the 3rd F, which is the most important one? Do others see my faith in action, at work, in the community, at church, or even in the gloom? Do I practice my faith when I show up and work out? F3 is a ministry, plain and simple. It is faith based. We push our brothers to run a little further, lift a little more, but do we push them in their faith, or are our actions/words a stumbling block for them? My challenge to everyone is to let your faith be present and not let our actions be a stumbling block for someone else.