• When: 2022-09-22
  • QIC: Buttermaker
  • The PAX: Canseco, Glow Worm, Buttermaker (R)


Weather 64 and clear, disclaimer, Prayer

YHC had add some names to the Q sheet a few weeks ago and then forgot until PickAxe asked me if I did so. Spahn, Sain and Pray for rain were listed at the Qs this week. This is a baseball term that comes from the pitching rotation of the 48 Boston Braves. Spahn and Sain were dominant so a writer coined that phrase. YHC typed these on the Q sheet to give all of us pax a hard time for Booster and PickAxe being the Q too often. CHALLENGE: FILL UP THE Q SHEET FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR BY MONDAY, SEPT. 26TH.

Fun fact: Johnny Sain was the last pitcher to pitch to Babe Ruth in organized ball and the first pitcher to pitch to Jackie Robinson in the Major Leagues.

The Thang:

Workout theme for in memory of Jenny Hicky Cooper (FiA Burpee). She went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, Sept. 21st. Jenny was born on Feb. 23, 1977

Triangle up- 5 burpees oyo, 23 ssh ic, 5 burpees oyo, 23 ttt ic, 5 burpees oyo, lbac f 23 ic/ b 23 ic, 5 burpees oyo, 2 laps around lot, 5 burpees oyo, iw x 23 ic, 5 burpees oyo, lbc x 23 ic, 5 burpees oyo, 2 laps, 5 burpees oyo. 1 pax near building, 1 pax end of lot, 3rd pax mosey between to relieve pax completing exercise. 77 of each exercise at each end of lot. Merkins, lbc, iw, squats, bbsu, 2 laps. complete last 5 burpees.

Announements: Q sheet is open, EH a pax or 2

Prayer request: FiA Burpee’s family, Glow Worm’s family, unspoken


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