• When: 2018-05-29
  • The PAX: Hopper (R), House (R), Spackle (R), The Nature Boy (R), Netflix, Dance Machine, Rebar, Weekend Special, Bulldog


Wanted to try something new at GY this morning so I pulled some ideas from my boy MoneyPenny’s Q vault and gave it a try with the PAX this morning.  We required a football, some new bricks, and some Elton John for Spackle.

Conditions:  74 degrees and 100% humidity

The Thang:

Disclaimer and BOM

Mosey to grab two bricks each & then mosey to the field.  Place your bricks on the concrete path behind the endzone.  Then mosey to the opposite 35 Yard line.

Circle Up for warm-up.  Spackle & Hopper were already jacked up about the Elton John playlist.

SSHs x 50 OYO; TTTs x 20 IC; LBACs x 15 IC into OHCs x 20 IC into LBACs x 15 IC

Football comes out.  Each PAX got to toss the football as far as they could from the 35 yard line.  The yard line it landed out (round up if questions), that’s how many reps of an exercise we did.  And yes, the PAX got to know what exercise they were throwing for.  Also, when the football got tossed, all PAX were to take off from the 35-yard line and run to the opposite goaline.  Once the rep of an exercise was complete, you sprint or quicker than a mosey back to the opposite 35-yard line.

Here’s what we did:



Curls w/bricks

Shoulder press with bricks while on knees

Chest Press with bricks

Group Calf Raises IC


Squats with bricks

Mtn Climbers (not on the field)


American Hammers


Iron Crosses

Carolina Dry Docks

Tricep extensions

Tricep kickbacks

We got just over 1.60 miles in jogging

Hopper had the best throw getting it down to the 6-yard line.  Netflix owns a mean bowling toss of the football.



Graveyard shirt order is open until June 15th.

Sunday afternoon gathering at KC

Prayer Requests:

The Merck Family

Great work dudes!  Knozit has the Q on Thursday.