• When: 05/19/15
  • QIC: FDIC (VQ)
  • The PAX: Blackout, Chum, FDIC, Landslide, Noah, Permit, Rooney

No Slowsey

The pax showed up at Boneyard looking for a superhero Q, but not knowing which one to expect.  Well our superhero Q must’ve been The Flash, ’cause we never saw him.  We completed the COP with Crypt (led by Quest) in hopes that our superhero Q would show.  When he didn’t, we were posed with a choice: join Crypt and risk not being able to walk normal for days or someone step up to lead Boneyard.  Since YHC was in the process of planning his VQ for Thursday, YHC figured its time to step up and lead.  Six pax sized me up and chose me over Quest.  Little did they know they traded walking tomorrow for walking during The Thang. YHC has enjoyed the workouts at Boneyard, but the lack of mosey and the distance between special areas of our AO leads to plenty of slowsey.  YHC decided that would not happen on his Q.  So if we can’t mosey, we’ll Ark Load (bear crawl, crab walk, or frog jump).  Lunge is also an acceptable means of forward movement. This is how it went down to the best of my memory:

Conditions: About 67 degrees and humid. The ground was a little wet. A perfect morning in the gloom.

The Thang:

Ark Load to the brick pile and grab 2 bricks

Ark Load to the center of the field and circle up for brickwork (3 sets of each):

  • IC 10 curls for the girls
  • IC 10 overhead shoulder presses
  • IC 10 lateral raises
  • IC 10 tricep presses

After YHC-led brickwork and some critical mumblechatter about YHC’s cadence, it was time for dealers choice.  (Not to mention, YHC was running out of things on his invisible weinke.)  Pax remain in a circle for a modified ring of fire.  Dealer calls an exercise and bear crawls around the circle while pax complete AMRAP of the called exercise.  Each pax chose an exercise:

  • FDIC – curls for the girls
  • Rooney – merkins
  • Permit – overhead shoulder presses
  • Noah – burpees
  • Chum – tricep presses
  • Blackout – lateral raises
  • Landslide – windmill

YHC figured it was time to give the pax a chance to count so we went around the circle with dealers choice and this time each pax had to count cadence for their exercise:

  • Noah – 15 burpees IC
  • Chum – 21 flutter kicks IC
  • Blackout – 18 mountain climbers IC
  • Landslide – 10 squats IC
  • FDIC – 15 LMRCrunches IC
  • Rooney – 40 plank shoulder taps
  • Permit – 20 Russian twists IC

B L I M P S were next.

YHC wasn’t sure if we had enough time to for his favorite exercise and to get back to the shovel flag for the COT.  Immediately after YHC called for Guantanamo, the warning alarm (sprinklers) started and YHC canceled the exercise in favor of finishing on time.

Ark Load to the brick pile and return bricks.

Ark Load back to the shovel flag.

Luckily we returned to the shovel flag with enough time to get one round of Guantanamo and 20 flutter kicks IC before COT and BOM with Crypt.


  • Permit’s criticism of YHC’s cadence was noted as his eminent committal to Q.
  • T-claps to the pax for bearing with me. It was fun.  Now I have to plan for my 2nd Q on Thursday.  If you come for Boneyard Thursday, bring gloves ’cause we ain’t gonna slowsey.




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