• When: 2018-07-10
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: Buttermaker, Dear Diary, Landing Strip, Fry Daddy (Respect), Wilbur, Pick Axe, Tater, Quisenberry, Swanson, Barry Raines, Simon Says, Tatoo, Whiffleball (Respect), Wapner, Dunphy, Canseco

Lexington Fit Club – Gun Show WO

16 pax did the harder thing by posting for a Dunphy WO expecting some man-touching and/or sand swimming (they do have quality sand at their AO) but got a solid WO from YHC. Wapner and his mumble chatter were in perfect form and only said YHC WO was stupid only a few times. Sorry Wap, burritos are not the same as eggrolls. Fry Daddy was my partner and a beast. Some pax were trying to convince me to lower the reps but pushed on since the wenkie was already typed. Good work by the men of Turning Point. The pax are ready to wear dem schmediums baby gap shirts or tank tops to show off dem guns.



Overhead Claps 20 IC
Imperial Walkers 20 IC
LBA 10 IC forward 10 backwards


Partner Up

TEAM CORE, ARMS & Shoulders WO

Team 100 Overhead BLOCK Triceps
Partner 1 – Block Triceps
Partner 2 – Flutter Kicks 10 IC (4 count) Once complete, swap, until 100 block triceps completed.

Team 200 Shoulder Press
Partner 1 – Shoulder Press
Partner 2 – Mountain Climbers 20 IC (4 count) Once complete, swap, until 200 Shoulder Presses completed.

Team 300 Curls for the Girls
Partner 1 – Curls for the Girls
Partner 2 – Squats 20 (single count) Once complete, swap, until 300 Curls completed.

Team 100 BLOCK Burpees
Partner 1 – Burpees
Partner 2 – BBSU 10 (single count) Once complete, swap, until 100 Burpees completed.

Not enough time to do the rest but here is what you missed.

AC/DC Finale Tribute- To the Tunes of “BIG BALLS”

Imperial Walkers
Do a Burpee when “BALLS” came on



7-11 Converge at F3 Armory for Gump 5am.
7/14 – Carolina Reaper
8/4 – Sweet Baby O 5K
8/25 – Stomp the Swamp 5K
9/7 or 9/8 – Northside Baptist 5k
11/10 – Cheech 10K

Tater – Father in Law and Friend
Swanson – M and Father
Canseco’s shoulder.
Rebar’s recovery
Moment of silence for Gump and loss of his son.