• When: 2017-09-19
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Meter, Juice, Pig Pen, Liability, PowPow, Peachy, Brick, Hoist, Bullpen, Britta, Parking Lot, Bambi, PaperJam, Iron Mary

It’s all Downhill from here

Yesterday when tweeting the notice of YHC being the QIC at Ambush, the Shovel Flag took the opportunity to rib him a bit.  YHC probably deserves to be ribbed a little after selecting mostly downhill runs for his legs in the BRR.  As a captain, sometimes you have to make choices for the betterment of your team, right? However, when it comes to boot camps, YHC does his best to bring a beat down that’s anything but a downhill stroll.  YHC learned this morning that the men of Ambush are beasts and dare you to bring AYG to their AO.  YHC hopes the remainder of the week is all down hill for the PAX of Ambush!  Well done men!




SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Windmill x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

The Thang

Thunderstruck Burpee

Chop your feet and perform 1 x Burpee on Thunder\Thunderstruck (37 Total)


Mosey to block pile and grab one block

Line up on football field sideline

Block Bear Crawl to opposite side line then

Block Swings x 21

Run back to start with block and plank for the six

OH Block Lunge to sideline then

Curls x 15

Run back to start with block and plan for the six

OH Block Carry to sideline

OH Press x 9

Block Thruster Gassers

Line up on sideline

Block Thruster x 1

Gasser to the other sideline and back

Block Thruster x 2

Gasser to the other sideline and back

Repeat to Block Thruster x 10

Farmer Carry + Merkins

Pair up – 1’s and 2’s

1’s Farmer Carry both blocks to opposite sideline and back

2’s perform Merkins

Switch and repeat until Merkins x 150

Return blocks and fast mosey to SF


Flutter Kicks x 48 (YHC’s age)

Gas Pump x 20


Plank Jacks x 20


Plank Jacks x 20




Announcements – Cheech 10K on 11\11\17, P200 teams are forming – don’t have FOMO get on a team today, run group meeting at 6am at BAM for run the dam and back every Sunday – All seeds welcome, 3 new AO will launch in October – get on the Q sheet.

Paryer Requests – PowPow’s cousin has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, Flanagan family