• When: 2017-09-19
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: Termite, LapDog, YukonCornelius (From Raleigh, welcome), Prenup, Roscoe, OBC, Goose, Cheesy, BallBoy, Logo, Nails, PinkEye, Data, Spaulding, Rivet, Sled, RipCord, Windmill, RagWeed, Robber, Cutler, Dusty, TwoBuck, TradeMark, Okra, DaHoppa, Nap, Chaser (includes Score pax)

#Brickpile…The Same As IT Ever Was

18 men appeared in the #Brickpile gloom and it was great. Felt like old times with familiar faces and familiar terrain. If you haven’t been to #Brickpile recently YHC highly recommends you make the trip to the #mothership or even make it your new  home for workouts. The guys who started it all still know how to get it done and workouts are designed to challenge every man.  To that end YHC went with an old stand by, Tabata, because if you don’t get a good workout doing tabata its only because you didn’t challenge you. Good stuff.

Conditions: Don’t know. Didn’t check. Not too hot, not too cold, a bit muggy. You know, September.


No “warm up” just immediate mosey from the Squares out onto Adger and down to Cassina.

Cassina/Adger: 25xSSH, 10xMerkins, 10xSquats

Cassina/Heatherwood: Tabata Merkins x 4 (20 seconds on, 10 off x 4)

Heatherwood/Elizabeth: Tabata Squats

Heatherwood/Cassina(Kilbourne Side): Tabata Sit-Ups

Cassina/Abelia: Tabata Wide Arm Merkins x 2, Tabata Diamond Merkins x 2

Mosey into the Park to the pull-up bars: Two groups, G1 plank, G2 30 seconds max pull-ups, FlapJack x 2 so each pax gets a total of 60 seconds max pull-ups.

Cassina/Abelia: Tabata Lunges

Heatherwood/Cassina: Tabata Solo Iron Cross

Heatherwood/Elizabeth: Tabata Peter Parker

Cassina/Ager: Tabata Burpees #crowdpleaser

Hollywood Squares: Flutter Kicks x 35 and stop at 6:30 on the dot…


BOM led by OBC.


– Great to be Qing at BrickPile as always. Great to be around familiar faces and just plain ol’ good dudes…even Robber. Good work was done and we all checked the 1st, 2nd and 3rd F boxes before the sun even rose. Good stuff. Keep after it.