• When: 2021-08-19
  • QIC: Tailpipe
  • The PAX: No Help, Breakfast Club, Strut, Roller skate, Chandler

Indy 500 and Captain Nice

You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂
Mark Donohue 1937- August 19th 1975.

5 pax came out for some betterment and learned about the Indy 500 and Mark Donohue.  Mark was known as Captain Nice in the garage.  He was a mechanical engineer and used those skills to build awesome racecars.  He drove F1, NASCAR, Can AM, SCCA, and won the Indy 500 in 1972.  He was killed in Austria in 1975 during a testing accident.  See Links below for images of the cars.

Weather was think





LBAC F and B




Mosey to Cone, take pace lap around parking lot, parking lot has 4 turns  And is shaped like Indianapolis.

Come back to “Finish Line”

Each time the line is crossed add a burpee

Mosey to turn 1 – 8 release merkins for each one of the points Mark Donohue scored in Formula 1

Mosey to turn 2 – 16 BBSU for the AMC Matador he drove in NASCAR


Mosey to turn 3 – 30 Squats for the Porsche 917-30 Can Am killer he drove with 1500+ HP


Mosey to turn 4 – 40 Flutterkicks for the GT40 he drove a Le Mans.

Rinse and repeat 

We got 5 laps in, excellent conversation about the Yoders or Joders or something like that.  Mumblechatter was abundant for 45 minutes.


Boat Canoes, Monkey Humpers, Seal Jacks

Announcements: Stomp the Swamp this weekend, Smoke House 9/11 Event 9/18.

Prayer Requests: No Help’s Aunt and cousin, Tailpipe’s Co-worker, all those left behind in Afghanistan, all of those currently infected with COVID.

Devo: Man needs to continue accelerating to avoid stagnation.  Think about things that stuck and neutral in your life and see how you can make changes to get things moving, never stop accelerating.   




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