• When: 2021-08-19
  • QIC: Emmy
  • The PAX: Honeybun (R),Ebert, Emmy,Steamer, Finch, Bunkbed, Harp (R), Chinstrap, Deadstick (Rx2), PETA, Katniss(R), Brainiac, Tinkle, Ralphie,

7 yrs of Snakepit and…

Emmy’s (aka Twitterless Zach Moore) 5 yr F3 anniversary and his birthday Q all rolled into one gloriously hot and muggy Q


Conditions Hot n muggy 

No FNGs 



Posted on behalf of Emmy, 

I am always humbled and honored to lead at Snakepit. The last 5 years have been life changing for me and my family and I attribute a lot of that to the relationships and bonds I have formed with my F3 brothers. I can honestly say I’m in better physical shape now than I was 5 years ago but more importantly I’m in a much better place mentally, emotionally and spiritually because of F3. We all need other men to walk side by side through life with and I’m thankful I found that at the Snakepit. 


The thang, 

Warm up with some good old standards 4ct IC  mixed in with some burpees and manmakers 

Partner up on side line with one block 

First partner runs to other sideline does 2 burpees 

Other partner works towards team goal starting with 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 ,and 200 reps as a team to complete. 

Switch up when running pax returns to complete reps

Exercises were

75 triceps

100 shoulder press 

125 curls

150 chest press on your 6

175 BBSUs

200 goblet squats w block 

Finish with the 6 doing goblet squats 

Everyone do 5 manmakers 

Blocks up and run up the Big boy stairs and back to flag 

Count o rama and name o rama 



Snakepit trash pick up 21st

Stomp the swamp 21st 

Tunnels to towers evening 5k

F3Smokehouse 9/11 challenge September 


Missing pax 

Teachers,  parents, students return to school 

Emmy moms surgery/recovery 

All spoken and unspoken requests 

COT closing prayer



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