• When: 2020-05-21
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Lego, Cheers, Dunphy, Nick, Five Play, Dr. Lovin, Tadpole, Freestyle, Gills, Lizard Man, Knozit, Ken Doll

How Many Is That, Cheers?!

Welcome to America’s new favorite game show, “How Many is That, Cheers?” A game guaranteed to increase your heart rate and get you a little better.

I’m your host, Ken Doll.

Let’s meet our contestants.

A Citadel grad who doesn’t know the name of exercises…please welcome, Coon Dog. And it looks like he’s joined by a man who, after 6 years of F3, still can’t get the count right…welcome, Lego

Our next contestant has more children than Evander Holyfield and he’s brings a 1/3 of them to bootcamps…welcome Dr. Lovin! He’s also joined by his 2.0s Tadpole, Freestyle, and Gills!

Our next contestant is a firefighter who also has his own podcast and loves to frequent the big sombrero just south of Dillon…welcome, Lizard Man!

Please welcome our next contestant. Known best for looking like a famous American hero, Chuck Norris…Knozit!

Our next contestant boasts the distinction of worst workout in F3 history…please put your hands together for Cheers!

Next is a Charleston transplant whose nickname is not a nickname at all…Nick!

Our next contestant is a gun totin’ realtor who sleeps with his weighted vest…give it up for Dunphy!

And finally, our last contestant loves Wofford more than he loves his dog…welp, looks like he brought his dog. Welcome Five Play!

Ok, contestants…here are your rules. As always, it’s you vs you. You are here voluntarily. I am not a professional at this. Listen to your body. Everybody who is currently present wins. Now, get after it.

Warm Up Round

SSH x 10 IC
Plank Jacks x 10
R&R until 7 reps

Second Round – EMOMs

Each contestant lines up at the curb

Squat Jumps x 10
Diamond Merkins x 5
Burpees x 2
Run to tree about 50 yds away
R&R x 10

How Many is that, Cheers?!

Third Round

Lunge – Lunge – Squat – Squat

Fourth Round – Category is Annoying White Duke Basketball Players

Wojo – Wojo – Hurley – Hurley

Fifth and Sixth Rounds

R&R rounds 3 and 4

Final Round – EMOM

Hip Openers x 10
Plank Jack Merkins x 5
Burpees x 10
Run 50 yds to tree
R&R x 10

How many is that, Cheers?!

Bonus Round

Flutter kicks x 20
Freddie Mercuries x 29

Back to the flag


Devo: Matthew 11:28

Prayer Requests:
-Lego’s parents
-Our nation
-All leadership

-Looks like Shawshank will return to Gibson Road 6/16
-Shawshank 6-Year Anniv bootcamp is Saturday, 6/20

-Good times this morning. YHC appreciates everyone getting after it.
-Tclaps to Lego and Coon Dog for SL.
-Watch out for Quarantine Karen. She’s doing her part to rid our streets of exercise enthusiasts
-Still missing a lot of men. Reach out. We need fellowship now more than ever
-Also, thanks for indulging YHC in this stupid backblast. Had a moment of creativity I’m sure I’ll regret at some point today

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