• When: 2020-05-21
  • QIC: Chedda, Swanson, Little Giant, Tater, Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Chedda, Swanson, Little Giant, Tater, Yellow Cake

The Matrix 5-Man EPIC Co-Q For the Ages!

Five pax defeated the fart sack for a Chedda sponsored Tabata Zoom workout developed by all five pax that posted.  Lots of burpees and curls and hammers and squats.  We will thank each other in the morning.  AYE!!!


Pleasant in the garage or shed or front porch although I think in every case it was muggy from the rain God blessed us with overnight.


Tabata (20 sec 150% effort with 10 sec rest. Repeat 8x) workout with Chedda providing the tunes

  • COP: Swanson
    • Burpees in a COP???
  • Coupon/Weight: Chedda
  • CORE: Tater
  • LEGS: Yellow Cake
    • Squats… ohhh those squats!
    • Calf Raises.. many calf raises.
  • Bon Jovi: Chedda
    • Too many burpees!
  • Coupon/Weight: Little Giants
  • LEGS: Yellow Cake
    • Lunges… Bonnie blairs and lateral lunges
    • Who’s ever heard of high knees tabata style?
  • MARY: Swanson

Excuse the lack of detail but since all the pax made up our own routines I can’t recall what all was done… but, trust you me, a lot of work was done.

Naked Moleskin

Yes, YHC whined and complained again about all the burpees before calling his own. I think we’ll all be better in the end.  All the other pax who posted to your AOs missed an EPIC workout for the ages!


  • Swanson:  2.4 is coming. Prayers for baby and M for safe delivery.
  • Little Giant: Day 14 for quarantine for his Dad.  All seems well.


God has an ultimate plan for you as He did for Colonel Washington in the French-Indian war where he survived after finding four bullet holes in the back of his coat.  Of course we know that he went on to be crucial in the American revolutionary war, drafting and signing the Constitution, and being our first President among other things.  What trials do God have you in now that are preparing you for something greater later?

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