• When: 2019-09-17
  • QIC: BlueRhino
  • The PAX: MIA,Postal,FNG,WingBack,H4T,BooBoo,Rumble Strip,Caravan,Danica,Blue Rhino, Patches

Detainees take on IPC Week 3- (Meter’s 43)

11 pax Men came out for week 3 of the Iron Pax Challenge. (Meter’s 43) Well technically-10 and 1 FNG. Said FNG was running the streets this a.m. when BooBoo and Rumble Strip crossed paths with him. The NoxGear attracted him like a moth on a bug light. Once he was trapped, the men did their thang. “Hey, there is a free work-out starting in 10min” Want to come? Ironically FNG said yes. More on that to come…….

Conditions:  70’ish, Slight Humid, Dewey, Moist

Tha Thang:

Gather in parking lot, get FNG some gloves-he quickly re-thinks his life choices. Quick warm up consisted of – running to block pile, mumble chatter to block pile-grab blocks, head to play ground, sync blue-tooth, left arm stretch over right shoulder, right arm stretch over left shoulder. Set timer and prepare for sweatfest

  •   10 Pull-ups
  •   15 Burpee Coupon Jump Overs
  •   20 Coupon Curls
  •   25 Coupon Squat Thrusters
  •   30 Gas Pumps (reverse crunches)

Rinse and repeat for 43 minutes

Solid work was done by PAX- We are week 3 into this modified PT test and this one was a definitely a gasser. A better choice of tunes by YHC wouldn’t have helped it one bit. But the PAX got through it!

#Tclaps to FNG for willing to commit to the harder thing without knowing what commitment he was signing up for. A man, just out for a morning run, gets cornered by two dudes with blinkies and light up vests. #Solid

FNG- Emmanuel- goes by Manny, Exercise Science graduate>easy strider>flow>tag along>dating>PROM DATE

Announcements and Prayers


Lake Murray Dam Run- Closes 9/20

P200-Detainee Addition- get with BooBoo

Undisclosed Prayers-