• When: 2018-01-27
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Paper Jam, Fuel Rod, Escobar, Brick, Dunphy, Mercy Rule, Angie’s List, Pick Axe, Abner, Coon Dog, Notebook, Buzzsaw (R), Elmers, Cheers

Cheers’ Birthday Celebration Q

YHC is always humbled by the PAX need to give out mumblechatter during the epic Q’s he provides, and this one was no exception. With Notebook giving his opinion and Uncle Ron checking form, especially YHC’s, this one had plenty of mumblechatter to go around. This Q was especially honorable since it was YHC’s birthday. At 6 am on a Saturday while the wife and kids are still asleep, if you are going to be around anyone on your birthday, it might as well by the fine men that represent the west side of F3 Lexington.


The Thang

Mosey to center of main soccer field

SSH x 20
TTT x 20
IW x 20
1 Burpee (stolen from Voltron)
LB Arm circle both ways x 20 each way
1 Burpee

At sidewalk:
-Bear crawl on field and stop in line with the first of tallest light poles of main soccer field (about 30 yards)
-At Light Pole, Merkins x 39
-Bear Crawl and stop in line with second of tallest light poles (30 yards), do another Merkins x 39
-Bear Crawl to opposite side walk, (50 yards) and another Merkins x 39

Mosey to lower soccer field and line up on tree line side of field, partner up.
-Parnter 1 runs to opposite side, stopping at hill to do 39 squats, then runs to tree line and does another 39 squats, then runs back to partner 2
-Parnter 2 does 39 dips on bench until P1 returns.
-Parnters switch and do the exercise their partner has already completed.

Mosey to small soccer field above main one:

Line up on chalk in line with goal:
-Crab walk to center of field
-At center, BBSU x 39
-Crab walk to opposite goal and BBSU x 39

Mosey to adjacent soccer field:

-Line up in line with goal post
-Lunge to in line with 1st largest Light Pole, conduct Carolina Dry Docks x 39
-Lunge to in line with 2nd largest Light Pole, plank jacks x 39
-Run to fence

Mosey to Shank Hill (hill across the bridge, adjacent to back soccer fields)

At Hill:

Start with 1 Burpee, Run to top of hill and do 10 LBCs, go back down and add 1 to the Burpees, go back up and do one less LBC. Rinse and repeat until you reach 10 Burpees and 1 LBC

Mosey to shelter

-Hip thrusts x 20
-Flutter kicks x 39
-LBCs x 39
-6 inches x 1 minute


2/3: MGC long run
2/3: Shank invades Cryptonite
2/24: Dam to Dam relay (Paper Jam needs volunteers)

-Grow Ruck participants
-F3 Brother Villa
-Homeless, sick, and distressed veterans
-Flu victims