• When: 2020-01-23
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Treadmill, Little Giants, Pickaxe, CHHeddar, Fry Daddy, Sunday Driver, Quisenberry, Tater, Wapner, Swanson, Wilbur, Booster

Bunch of sitting around at Turning Point this morning

12 PAX braved the cold gloom this morning for a Booster led beatdown. A ton of sitting around today. Other than that we got after it pretty good.

Conditions- about 32 degrees with the slightest of breezes

COP- SSH, through the tunnel, Imperial walkers, slow mo squats all IC

Mosey toward back of the school, anytime YHC yelled “merkins” the PAX had to do 3 hand release merkins. “Merkins” was yelled a lot throughout the workout.

Stop at curb for curb hops. Between each set PAX did 10 incline merkins on the curb and then a called out exercise.
– Bunny hops- incline merkins- mountain climbers
– Scissors- incline merkins- plank jacks
– Up Up down down right leg 1st- incline merkins- rock hoppers
– Up Up down down left leg 1st- incline merkins- gorilla hops
– one hop right foot x 5, one hop left foot x 5- incline merkins- plank

Mosey to basketball courts with the “merkins” along the way.

Partner up. One PAX does wall sits while the other does the exercise, then switch, then rinse and repeat until YHC says so.

1- Suicides on BB court and switch x 3
2- Lunge to half court, one burpee and switch x 2
3- Frog jump/bunny hop to half court, 5 squat jumps and switch x 2
4- Bear crawt to half court, 3 hand release merkins and switch x 2
5- Power skip enter length of court and back and switch x 2

Broke a pretty good sweat there. Moseyed back to flag with some more “merkins”. Back at flag did 3 more incline merkins then motivators x 5.



Prayer requests- Corbett Anderson, family of co-worker of Little Giants who passed away, friend of CHHeddar named Cameo(sp?), co-worker of CHHeddar, Buttermaker,

Devo- Came from the book of Haggai in the old testament, where God’s people, upon their arrival back to Jerusalem, are told by God through the prophet Haggai to rebuild the temple. Before they began that task, they tended to their own property, their own houses, and put God’s instructions down on the priority list.

So what are we doing in our own lives to not be obedient to God’s will? What

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