• When: 2020-01-23
  • The PAX: Netflix, Hopper-R, Spackle-R, MidRange-R, Breaker Breaker-R, Good Hands, Rebar, Makeover, Short Haul, Toe Ring, Bulldog


Slid myself in on the Q sheet to get warmed up for next week’s Turning Point Q on Tuesday.  Felt great to get back to leading the Graveyard PAX.  Short Haul has been doing a fine, upstanding job of getting the Q-Sheet filled in his first month of GY leadership, so why not help him out.  What was even cooler was how many PAX that usually attend passed on messages to me apologizing for missing this morning’s BC…love the accountability.  So, wanted to keep the “full body workout” them going.  It was a bit warmer than Tuesday morning, so conditions were perfect to let this BC fly.  Here’s what we did:

Conditions:  Real Feel of 30 degrees and a noticeable 8 mph breeze out of the North

The Thang: mosey down to football field

Warm-up with SSHs x 20 IC and TTT x 20 IC and then split into two groups and lineup at the 40 yard line.  Each group was responsible for 10 40-yard dashes.  So, we went two at a time to infuse a small competition for our warm-up.

Then, we moseyed to the pressbox to pick up our coupons.  The PAX found a concrete block stuffed with various sized bricks.  We then carried our blocks/bricks down to concrete walkway leading to the track.

At the top of the path, we did block work.  At the bottom of the path, we did brick work.  Here’s how it went down:

Man-Makers with block x 10 OYO, then run with bricks about 50 yards to bottom for core work.

American Hammers x 20 OYO with bricks, leave bricks behind and sprint back to blocks at top.

Block Merkins x 30 OYO, run back to bricks

Iron Crosses x 40 OYO while static pressing your bricks, sprint back to your block

Block curls x 50 OYO, run back to bricks

Ski squats x 60 OYO while holding bricks to chest, sprint back to block

Chest Press with block x 70 OYO, run back to bricks

Shoulder taps with bricks x 80 OYO, sprint back to block

Shoulder Press with block x 90 OYO, run back to bricks

LBCs with bricks x 100 OYO, sprint back to block with bricks.

We called it a morning after that and headed back to the SF after putting up our coupons.  Great work, gentlemen.  And thank you to Tom Petty for providing the tunes to take our minds off the pain this morning.


Full Court in Session Friday and Monday

P200 stuff

Prayer Requests:

Unspoken, our children and the decisions they face everyday, our marriages (Makeover’s mama bear turns 50 this weekend)

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