• When: 2021-01-21
  • QIC: Cinco
  • The PAX: 9 PAX: All 9s, Slumlord(R), Wild Hog(R), Gravedigger, Cramps, Meat, Kenwood(R), Stalker, Cinco

A Bricks and Blocks Beatdown

Cinco Q’d Today:

We played with bricks and blocks and got better because of it.



A nice 50 degrees


Beatdown Details:

Circle Up
Warm up lap
Warm ups
20 side straddle hops
10 Frankensteins
10 Windmills
10 Through the tunnels
Run to Block Pile
Grab Bricks!
Head to Side Walk by Courtyard
20 Overhead Claps
20 Side arm Raises
20 Front Arm Raises
20 Curls
10 Brick Burpees
1 Lap Around Parking Lot
Rinse And Repeat
Walk Bricks back to pile
Grab blocks
Walk to sidewalk near blocks
Partner Up
One partner does LBCs while other partner runs to end of breezeway and back
Partners switch
Do this again for the following exercises
Block Squats
Walk to Breezeway
At one end do 20 V Ups
Lunge to middle of breezeway
Do 20 alternating ankle touches
Lunge to end of breezeway
20 Merkins
Repeat back to beginning of breezeway
Filler workout
Do up Sally up with merkins and squats
Circle up


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