• When: 2020-01-02
  • QIC: Rec and Dominion
  • The PAX: Tupperware, Mulligan, Keychain, Rec, Bogey, 2 Star, Wee Wee, Dominion, (Twerk left early after SL)

8 post for a Rec/Dominion Co Q

The AOQs took the lead today to bring in 2020. We had 9 for SL and 8 for BC.

Conditions: low 40s and cloudy


The Thing:
Rec Lower Body Q
Mosey for about a half mile
Karaoke 25 yards
Toe taps
Calf raises
Football drill with merkins on the down
Football drill
Lunge 25 yards
Mosey two blocks
Circle up
Squats with Block OH

Dominion Upper Body Q
Mosey to playground for pull-ups
Mosey to picnic tables
Dips x 15
Incline merkins x15
Mosey to get poles
Sit on blocks and press poles alternating shoulders x 30
Mosey to playground to rinse and repeat

Return poles
CFGs x20
OH press x20
Return Blocks

Mosey to flag for Mary to finish.

Converge at Hollow Saturday at 6 am
Urban Legend BC Friday’s at 5:15 am
Q Sheet

Tupperwares buddy Paul is cancer free following surgery.

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