• When: 03/28/15
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Chum (Respect), Say What!?!?, Glow Stick, Tinkle, Blackout, No Help

6 pax sandbag a workout the right way at Boneyard

The evening before the gloom YHC got a DM on the Twittersphere that someone wanted to borrow YHCs sandbags for some other training.  YHC initially thought about just using some bricks and blocks for the workout today, but since the sandbags were there why not go ahead and use them.  So the pax were introduced to a 60# and 40# sandbag (aptly named the “Awkward Baby”).  The pax may have not left the start point but we all got better and made some awesome dry spots on the ground.

Weather: 41°

The Thang:

Disclaimer and introduction by Ken Dell (Crypt Q)

Stay in place for COT

All IC

Overhead clap x 22

LAC x 11 forward, x 11 backward

Windmill x 22

TTT x 22

Merkins x 22

Grab sandbags for a little pass the sandbag circuit, two exercises for two rounds at a time

60# sandbag exercises

Squat x 10, pass sandbag to the left.  While the one pax does the squats, all others hold the high plank till the sandbag gets passed to them.

Clean and press x 5, pass sandbag to the left.  While the one pax does clean and presses, all others do LBCs

Next two, again repeat two rounds of each:

Grab sand bag, squat down, pick up sandbag, and sling over left shoulder and then return bag to the ground, repeat except sling over right shoulder, repeat for a total of 10 reps.  While the one pax does sandbag exercise, all others do flutter kicks.

Bent over sandbag rows x 22, while one pax does this the others do heel touches.

Get the 40# awkward baby for next round (Chum was disappointed, he was just getting acquainted with the 60# bag)

Curls for the gurls x 22, while one pax does curls all others do in place lunges.

Overhead press x 22, while one pax does presses all others do plank thrusters.

Just enough time left for the No Help special, the static flutter kick.  Hold each leg for 30 seconds, then finish with 6″ for 10 seconds.  Crypt crew finished and jumped in, some modified with hovering monkey humpers over the pax (crowd pleaser).


Great work today by all the pax.  A new element was introduced in the simple form of a sandbag.  The sandbags force you to engage different muscles while does the exercise due to the sand shifting and the weight never being in the same place for each rep.  Way to push through and make every rep count.

Also there is a reason that so many of the exercises had 22 reps.  Many have seen the statistic that approximately 22 veterans take their life everyday, which is 22 to many.  In reality the statistics can vary +/- but any number above 0 is to many (and that’s a fact regardless of holding a veteran status or not, every life matters).  There has also been an unsettling rise in veteran suicide rates for those between the age of 18-24, which a lot of it equates to hidden wounds (aka PTSD).  So if you notice an unexpected change in someone, don’t be afraid to ask or talk to them.  You never what difference it will make.  Be there to encourage them and lift them up and lend a listening ear, you ever know when that could save someones life.



The pax of IronYard and Anchor have planned a convergence for April 3 at IronYard. Our very own Malfunction Junction is co-Qing. These Kettle Bell AOs have a strong core group but they are looking to add more. Give it a shot. Here’s the preblast:http://f3nation.com/2015/03/23/kettlekonvergence-preblast/

Time is running out for the Lexington tshirt preorder. Here’s the link to preorder the black Mudgear or Red UnderArmour. http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/newest

Mud Run
The Mud Run on April 11 is our Super Bowl. Still time to sign up. You can reply to this email with interest and we’ll make sure you’re on a team. If you wish not to participate, we’ll take volunteers to help set up, take pictures or just provide moral support to the pax.

Oliver Gospel Mission
F3 Columbia, with the support of F3 Lexington & Lake Murray, is planting a workout to assist the men of Oliver Gospel Mission. This AO launches this Saturday at 8:30. Not only a great doubledown opportunity but an opportunity for us to help those that truly need our help. Preblast here: http://f3nation.com/2015/03/16/the-mission/

F3 Hartsville & F3 Greenwood
Lexington is leading the men of F3 Hartsville this weekend. Ranger has the Q and several pax are taking the trip with him. Feel free to take this opportunity to pay it forward. If you can’t this weekend, put Saturday May 9th on your calendar. Lexington is launching F3 Greenwood. If you know anyone in that area, send them this link to sign up:www.f3greenwood.com.

Blue Ridge Relay
Lexington had a huge showing for the P200. Tclaps to those that represented us so well. We’ve now set our sights on The Blue Ridge Relay. This event is the weekend of September 11. It’s just like the P200 but you run up a mountain. #CSAUP. About 13 of us have HC’d so far. We’d like to get a minimum of 21.


Devo by Ken Doll

Psalm 22:26: “The poor will eat and be satisfied. All who seek the Lord will praise him. Their hearts will rejoice with everlasting joy.”

Have you been praising God lately?

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