• When: 2021-11-15
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Dunphy (R), Hoist, Bogey, Skid Mark, Eggo, Blue Bloods

6 PAX Get in Some Recovery Speed Work at The Bounty

Less than 48 hours after the Run Hard Race Weekend here in Lexington, 6 HIM showed up this morning to brave some brisk winds to get the legs churning again.  YHC was a little bit sore from this weekend’s race festivities, but YHC still wanted to focus on speed work but wanted to be sure that we that are still recovering don’t push too hard.

Here’s what went down….


Breezy; High 40’s

Two minute warning (T Claps Bogey), 10 second warning (T Claps Hoist), Go Time

Disclaimer, Not a Pro, NO FNG, Listen to Body

Opening Prayer

The Thang:

Mosey onto the track; 2-Lap warm up mosey to get the legs moving

Frankensteins to first light post and back; Butt-Kicks to first light post and back; High-Knees to first light post and back; Side-Step (Facing stands) to first light post and back; Side-Steps (Facing the other way) to first light post and back

Indian Run Mile; ***after 1st lap of mile YHC decided to make things a little more challenging and said last man in the line does 10 squats and sprints to catch the front of the line to add some separation to the group.

After that mile we recovery walked 100m

Inverted Fartlek Mile…mosey the curves, sprint the straight

After that mile recovery walked 100m

All Out Sprint 150M, recovery walk for 15 Seconds

2-lap recovery mosey and back to the Shovel Flag

Total Distance according to YHC watch, 3.55 miles



-Hairy Bison and 50k coming up 


-Upcoming Full Marathons

Prayer Requests:

-Quis Father

-All Unspoken


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