• When: 2017-10-17
  • QIC: Bonsai
  • The PAX: Taurasi (respect), Coon Dog, Cowbell, Knozit, Bing, Big Al, Doodah, Elmers, Muggy Tape, Thumbs Up (respect), Ken Doll, Lego, Ponzi, Buzzsaw (respect), Genie, Bonsai

Bonsai’s Birthday Bonanza

*** Written by Bonsai and posted on his behalf ***
Weather:  A very cool 50 degrees. Almost forgot what chilly feels like. 
16 PAX came today to celebrate YHC’s birthday.  If only they knew the fun that was to be had….  But there was plenty of mumble chatter, man touching, bodily noises/fluids, and a bear shirt (although YHC doesn’t understand the significance of this). Thank goodness Notebook bailed. By the end, YHC had lost complete control of the PAX and just called for the end. The following workout is brought to you by the number “3.”
Disclaimer and Prayer.
(it was hard to pull away from the warmth of all the men)
Mosey to the corner of the big field. 
-SSH. IC. x33
-Imperial walkers. IC x33 (the PAX seem to enjoy the fast cadence)

-Burpees.  IC x3

Get in groups of 3.  Then start the THREE-THREE-THREE exercise.  In between the individual exercises, we ran to specific areas of the field which would make the outline of the number “3.”

Three Amigos – 33 seconds (air squat with group)
Humpers – x33 (Monkey Humpers)
Rockette dips – x33 (dips with kicks)
Erkins – x33 (Merkins without the “M” hand position. Knuckle pushups)
Emperor’s chair -x11 x 3 = 33 (2 people lift Person 3 and do squats)
(Do this 3 times)
(Erkins and Emperor’s Chair was created by YHC. Maybe it’s somewhere in the F3 database, but these names are mine!)
(This is also the point where it slowly started going downhill)

Three amigos, part dos (a huge crowd favorite!!)
-Person 1 holds legs of Person 2 (from behind). Person 2 does wheelbarrow push-ups. Person 3 stays in squat position and punches person 1 in the abs 33 times. Switch until everyone has done each job once.
Mary (of some form)

(This is where any semblance of control was lost)
(YHC thought it would be a great idea to workout the mind as well as the body. Unfortunately, YHC didn’t realize people couldn’t do 2 things at once… or they weren’t Asian enough to count properly).
-Sit-ups (group total 333). Since there were 16 of us, we  counted in 16s. If we screw up then start over. 

(Unfortunately people couldn’t count in 16s, and others just wanted to be difficult. We eventually got there).

-3-6-9 game. Start at 3 inches. Everyone counts in order going around. Anytime you land on a number that has a 3, 6, or 9 then you do a lemon squeeze (boat) instead of count. Screw up and you go in center and do whatever the pax say until someone screws up again.

Countarama.  Nameorama.  
-Cheech Run 11/11.
-F3 Christmas Party – 12/15
-F3 Columbia – Capital City Ruck? Cannonball Run?  5-Year anniversary. 
-Leo’s Pride 5K/Go Leo Go 5k at Saluda Shoals. – can race. can volunteer. It’s a race in recognition of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
-F3 Palmetto Place is a new AO established for Sundays at 4pm at the Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter. This is a collaboration between F3 Columbia and F3 Lexington. Great opportunity to mentor some youth and workout. Can offer weekly commitments or monthly commitments. We know how great this is for us; think about the positive impact we can make on the youth who needs our guidance even more. 
Prayer Request:
YHC sincerely apologizes for forgetting to ask about prayer requests. Announcements ran a bit long, and I guess I was in a hurry. I sincerely apologize though. One thing I do want to mention is how great all of you are. I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone here – a lot of times we are so focused on what we need in terms of prayer requests that we completely forget to just thank you, Lord. In spite of the struggles that we all face, we really do have a blessed life. We have wonderful people in our lives, including the men of F3, that allows us to go through our daily lives with support and love. We ask you, Lord, to continue to give us the strength and patience to overcome these daily challenges in our lives; continue to look over these men as they face life head-on; answer all of the unspoken prayer requests; and continue to bless us. 
It’s been a great 33 years, made even more special with F3. Looking forward to the upcoming year!!