• When: 2017-09-19
  • QIC: Chum Lee
  • The PAX: Four Balls, Pass Ball, Grout, Bull, Gangum, Hemingway, Wino, Hot Stick, Bed Bug, Loggins, Chum Lee, FNG "Brick Bat", Hops


Time to pump some blocks and bricks and forget all this running business (at least until the very end).  Say, where’s Brickhouse?

Conditions: 63 degrees – not too bad



The Thang:  If you’re familiar with the weight room exercise “21” (curling dumbbells, barbell, or whatever weight for 21 repetitions), then you have the basic idea of the beat down. The sequence is as follows:

  • 7 reps from the bottom to half way up
  • 7 reps from half way up to all the way up
  • 7 reps of full extension

We’ll apply this method to all exercises.

Before with leave the Flag, kick it off with Merkins:

  • Diamond
  • Regular
  • Wide grip

Mosey to Block pile for…

  • curls
  • shoulder presses
  • squats with block overhead
  • reaching for sky (BB sit-ups with block overhead)

Rinse and Repeat for a total of three rounds. For the last round, partner up and give resistance or assistance depending on what your partner needs.

Mosey to brick pile, grab one brick, grab a partner, and return to blocks.  We will alter our pattern for this one…

  • Partner A uses two blocks for shrugs (7 in front, 7 at sides, and 7 in back)
  • Partner B uses bricks for side raises (7 in front, 7 at sides, and 7 in back)
  • Rotate for two rounds

Mosey to Goat Hill:

  • Run from the crosswalk to the first sign and back for 7 reps
  • Run from the first sign to the second sign for 7 reps
  • Run from crosswalk to the second sign for 7 reps

Mosey to Flag

Count ‘em off

Name ‘em off

Announcements: Run group meets at bus loop at 5:15 tomorrow morning, Cheech 10 K, and Harbison 50K

Prayer Requests: Bull, Thanks for a healthy Gangum, Hurricane victims