• When: 2018-04-07
  • QIC: Mercy Rule, Shine, Track Hoe
  • The PAX: Mercy Rule, Shine, Track Hoe, Overage, Katniss, Navy Bean(R), DriSocket

1st annual CAT Masters

Moist TM posted on the chat that we needed a Q, 2 men HC’d not knowing of the other. Friday conversations made the plan fall in place. YHC pitched a “Masters” workout, Mercy Rule brought the warm-up and Shine was instructed to come up with some exercises.

Here’s what happened…Or as close as we can recall


Warmup (Mercy Rule)

-SSH x15

-Imp walk x15 (impressive mumble chatter by the Q and got the count right

-TTT x15

Grab a block and 2 bricks (yes still warmup)


-With the block face one side of the field squat till block touch’s ground then rotate. Progress toward the glow stick.

-Curls for the girls x20

-Tri Ext x20

RR back

Grab bricks

-LBAC x15each direction

-Dirty Bird x15

-OH Clap x15

Repeat R1 for more suck

At this point it was time for some golf. YHC provides clubs and balls. Next time glow balls. Fairway (football field) lined with glow sticks. **There were 0 divots taken from the football field** all shots (or shanks) were taken off field. Each glow stick represented a “yardage” Shine had the exercises to match.


  1. Hit the ball – Most succeeded
  2. Hit it in the field Off Field – Some Succeeded = 15 burpees
  3.  Slowsy/mosey/bear crawl to the ball
  4. Wait for Shine to count glow sticks to make…. I mean tell us what exercise and qty.
  5. Harass Katniss for being a south paw.

Work done:

-15 Burpees

-25 Merkins x2

-20 LBC’s

-20 BBSU

-The famous shine merkin circle x2

-15 Carolina Dry Doc’s

-20 Monkey Humpers x2


Prayer Requests:


-Mercy Rule’s Co-worker

-Moist Sister

-Track Hoe’s fathers upcoming surgery


Devo James 1:2-4