• When: 2020-01-28
  • QIC: Bogey
  • The PAX: 2 Star, Escobar, Twerk, Miranda, Scream, Rec, Cure Aid, Wee Wee, Bogey, Zacchaeus, FNG (Mr. Ed), Bogey

11 Pax get some work in at Surge

When: 2020-01-28

Weather: 38
Circle Up, Disclaimer and Prayer
Mosey behind the lunchroom
TTT x 24ic
SSH x 24ic
LBAC x 24ic
Overhead Clap x 24ic

Mosey towards the parking lot; first stop (10) burpees (24) air squats.
Mosey a little more; second stop (10) burpees (24) lbc’s.
Mosey again; third stop (10) burpees (24) calf raises.
Mosey again; forth stop (10) burpees (24) air squats.

Mosey back behind lunchroom; partner up with one partner grabbing a block.
1st set; partner 1 does curls for the girls while partner 2 lunges out and sprints back. (partners then switch exercises)
2nd set: partner 1 does overhead presses while partner 2 sprints out and does (10) merkins. (partners then switch exercises)
3rd set: partner 1 does kettle bell swings with block while partner 2 sprints out and does (15) lbc’s (partners then switch exercises)

Leave blocks and mosey to the picnic tables.
(24) step ups 12 per leg followed by (15) dips.

Mosey to the playground and do (5) pull ups.

Back to the picnic tables for (24) more step ups 12 per leg and (15) more dips.

Back to the blocks with your original partner.
4th set; partner 1 does incline merkins on the block while partner 2 does (10) burpees. (partners then switch exercises)
5th set; partner 1 does curls for the girls with the block while partner 2 does (10) big boys. (partners then switch exercises)

Just enough time was left over for a little Mary
Freddy Mercury’s x 10ic
Plank for 1 minute
Plank Jacks x 10ic
Superman for 1 minute
Iron Crosses x 15oyo
Heel Touches x 10ic
Big Boys Sit Ups x 15oyo
Hydraulics x 8oyo

Welcome FNG (Mr. Ed)

Prayer Requests:
Wee Wee’s wife and a clean report from the doctors.

Zacchaeus family as they go through a tough time, especially his children.

Kobe Bryant’s sudden death on Sunday was a reminder our days here on Earth are numbered. Please enjoy time with family and friends to the fullest while you can. We never know when the Lord will call us home.

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