• When: 11/25/14
  • QIC: Mungo
  • The PAX: Creole, Light Bill, Sparky, Buud, Dirt Bag, Flipper, Howler, Flux, Zamboni, Holy Water, Escobar, Stirrups, Rafter, Tooth Pick, Money Penny, Mungo, Major Pain

Who’s Voice Is That Counting Cadence?

Conditions: 53 degrees and wet

17 Pax unarsed themselves from the fart sack this gloomy morning including YHC.  With coughs and weezes the cadence was a bit squeeky.  It could have something to do with getting in polutted water in freezing temperatures at Finley Park during the GoRuck this past weekend.

  • The Thang: Circle up in baseball field for COP (no rest between exercises)
    • Side Straddle Hops x 25 IC
    • Merkins x 15 IC
    • Flutter kicks x 25 IC• LBC x 50 OYO
  • • Rosalita x 25 IC
    • Mountain Climbers x 50 OYO
    • Finger tip Squats x 25 IC
    • Russian Twist x 25 IC

Group Run around the baseball field perimeter, making sure to stay together as a group.  Holy Water must have eaten his Wheaties this morning as he was blasting out in front of the pack.

  • Mosey to the picnic shelter, Stop and do bear crawl around the perimeter of the lower parking lot.  Head to Picnic tables, 5 people per table for Flying Dutchman.  Four men deadlift a corner of the picnic table while the 5th man does 15 pushups on the table top.
  • 20 dips OYO
  • 15 stepups each leg
  • 20 dips OYO

Out to lower parking lot: Lunge walk across, crab walk back, bunny hop across.

Mosey to the flag for 6 (or 10) minutes of Mary:

  • Flutter kicks (Mungo)
  • Boat Canoe (Sparky)
  • Through the Tunnel (Stirrups)
  • Cherry Pickers (Tooth Pick)



We still need a Q for Saturday, sign up now if you can do it!

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