• When: 08/26/14
  • QIC: Rudy
  • The PAX: Fire Daddy, Bud, Dirt Bag, Hall Pass, Zamboni, Light Bill, Money Penny, Flux, Rafter, Major Pain, Crappy, Stirrups, FNG Olaf

We’ve got tires!!

14 Pax posted at Speed Trap today to play with our new tires that I found in the woods.  Everyone acted like they had no idea where the tires came from but they were sitting in the woods forever.  I think they were just hoping no one would ever pull them out and use them. 🙂

Conditions: A nice cool 65!

The Thang:

Mosey to the playground

Count off by 3’s

1’s dips 25 OYO

2’s squats 25 OYO

3’s pull-ups 15 OYO


Rinse & repeat for 3 rounds

Mosey to Chapin Baptist parking lot

5 stations, 1 minute at each station.  Rinse & repeat for 2 rounds.

Tire Toss (flip the tractor tires over)

Calf Raises


Freddy Mercuries

Incline Merkins

Mosey to the baseball field

Count off by 2’s

1’s run the bases

2’s LBC’s

Then switch

5 rounds, alternating exercises. Merkins, Big Boys, Flutter Kicks, Wide Arm Merkins.

Mosey to flag for Mary, captains choice

Boat / Canoe

4 count squats

Over head arm claps

I may be forgetting an exercise here??


No workout at Speed Trap Saturday.  Crooked Creek 5K.  Converge at Depot if you’re not doing the 5K.  If you are doing the 5K, get there early for a warmup with Mungo.

If you plan to post on Thursday bring a white shirt and a dark shirt.

Walker is in Atlanta for rehab.

Please pray for Richard Carver’s family. He passed this weekend.





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